Chauncey’s big «win»

Chauncey’s big «win»



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  1. Oh my God! Sensory deprivation?! Accurate.

  2. Chauncey “silly little fairy’ Hollinberry would have a total meltdown trying to depose Jaimie ‘too hottie’ Morano. That deposition would be Youtube gold.

  3. Chauncey is a tempest in a teapot. All of this because the teacher dissed him on a Facebook page.

  4. Chauncey dingleberry. Ranks well in the cough "community " rolls eyes right next to the MLP, news now rape and swine repellent. Well after the cling ons that most auditors have after a hasty attempt at wiping their own ass.

  5. And now he is saying subpoenas have already been issued for Mr Beckett and Ms Morano to be deposed…. he is caught in a lie and lies even more…

  6. Who is responsible for monetary compensation to the Court and the People of Arizona?

  7. Someone needs to slap the shyte out of that little freak show.

  8. I am currently working on a second(and final) motion for summary judgment in a
    joint case (me+another) against a school district (Board) for First Amendment
    violation (among others — including violating open records act) so I
    find this interesting. I do wonder why Daddy&Master didn't just wait until after the Pre-Trial Conference and then serve notice of deposition on whomever?
    That way, the other side either complies or has to file a motion to quash.

  9. Listen to Eric Brandt pontificate in the car in this video, the other two aren't allowed to get a word in edgewise for the entire drive. You'd think they would get sick of being around him, he is really psychotic and is a bombastic me-monster, always talking about himself in a loud annoying voice.

  10. Most employees have no idea what is on their computer. It was stupid of him to think she knew anything about databases or browser history. The IT department could have the computers set up to delete browser history every day. She would not know that.

  11. I'm hoping your wrong and it doesn't mean one has lost the heart because they point out random idiots with a predisposition for being full of shit like the one's in your videos if so I'm screwed. What I think is, shining light on these dimwits is a humanitarian calling and flows like a river of love to us the viewer. So Thank you .

  12. Admonished + Denied (five times) = Win ??? The Big Mac job is looking pretty good right now.

  13. You almost made it till the end!!!

  14. That was a victory in much the same way the midterms were a big victory for Trump.

  15. An inquiring mind wants to know if it was audible or silent?

  16. Is Chauncy the moron that used to go by Dragonfire? Dragonbreath? Something like that…
    That's the first thing I think of when I hear some asshole saying "call me daddy."

    I can't believe that I used to watch "auditor" videos so much in the past. I even respected a number of them! Now, I think all but a handful are just Special Olympics candidates.

  17. As a side bar, In the video linked below, an auditor was once again filming a government office that was obviously a limited public forum and the responding officers, CHP, really didn't understand anything about it or how to enforce it. But the whole thing brought one thing to mind;
    While holding all these various public employees accountable, from post office clerks to city hall clerk's to DMV clerks to EDD people and so on and so forth, I have never seen 1 instance of auditors catching an employee in any kind of malfeasance related to their job. Not once.
    The ONLY thing I have ever seen them "catch" ANYONE at, other than cops, is objecting to being filmed.

    So what accountability are the Auditors going to hold the people to? I've watched a lot of these Auditors and I don't think any of them are "efficiency experts". I'm left with the impression that most of them probably struggled to graduate high school, if that, so I'm damn sure none of them has a master's or a BA or even an AA in business or public administration.

    So just what are they holding them accountable for or to? Obviously that's a rhetorical question. Because we know it's all about the circus.

  18. Interstate communicating bets of actually U.S. currency is substantively different than betting bragging rights! Boy !

  19. Your dog's fart is more understandable (and perhaps more articulate) than Chauncey's legal writing. My eyes are suing me for forcing them to be exposed to this dreck.

  20. ackshually, chauncey has talked about going to law school…maybe he will choose the prestigious MCGEORGE law school….oh, the status and prestige…

  21. Hail Satan!!!

  22. Now that Chauncey is a devil worshipper, will he melt if he is sworn in and has to place his hand on the bible?

  23. That Motion smelled worse than your Dog's fart…. Maybe you should send a copy of this Motion to "Bangkok". He might want to file a Bar Complaint!….lol

  24. I think Chauncey goofed! He needs to grow up!

  25. Daddy master law offices got his first case wiped off the mat…lol

  26. Which odditor is this??

  27. Oh shit. In before muh thumbnail

  28. January is a typo. Its June

  29. merb picking dat low hanging fruit

  30. You beat me to it

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