Chili Chili Fire Slot — BIG WIN Session, YES!

Chili Chili Fire Slot — BIG WIN Session, YES!

[ad_1] The Chili Chili Fire Slot machine by Konami is an interesting game with two bonus features.

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Randomly at the conclusion of any spin AFTER you’ve been paid, the 8 feature is triggered where all non-premium symbols from the reels are removed with all premium symbols dropping down accordingly. New symbols then fall from above filling in any gaps and then the process repeats utility all non-premium symbols have been eliminated! The primary Free Spins bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols for 8, 12, or 25 free games respectively! During the Free Spins bonus, the 8 feature is more likely to occur although unfortunately there’s no guarantee that it will do so frequently, Enjoy!

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  1. Chris. chley. fire

  2. What is the most possible you can win on this with max bet? HarrahsCasino Cherokee river valley North Carolina has the game with a $3.00 max debt. The game doesn't display max win or levels of possible wins. I look it up online and cannot find the info. Anyone able to help me with answer?

  3. Me gusta.que conpraste estos videos.

  4. Love this game. The random feature is unmatched

  5. Awesome video! Enjoyed it 🙂 ★.★

  6. Edit, and add bluetooth to narration. What's with hour and a half long slot videos from guys that are doing lots of these on their channel??? This one needs editing to four minutes max. It's 2018.

  7. Does anyone know of a slot machine that has a million dollar sign on bonus but different bonuses besides free spins because just getting some free spins are boring as HELL!

  8. This is a fun machine. I like playing this one, too.

  9. Come on!!!!

  10. Some great line hits. You sure had to wait for the bonus.
    Chilli Chilli Fire. Now with more Ole'

  11. I mean, never pays like this!!!!!

  12. Who did you bribe. Chili Chili I'll take all your money, doesn't normally pay like this .LOL Great video!

  13. Seems to be 1 of the hardest game to get the bonus on. Well done

  14. Which city ur playing this slot

  15. where is this casino?

  16. Awesome! you got better wins without the bonus, lol. 🙂

  17. You never lose I swear

  18. I think on some of these konami games which I play online too when your getting good line hits the bonus dosent come and if it does it's not as good as the line hits . It seems to be EITher OR. So that kinda tells me how long I stay I definitely don't play hoping to get the bonus sometimes it's just not gonna hit no matter how close it seems. And if I get a really low bonus I move too if I'm not getting any line hits. You did great on this machine even before the bonus.

  19. Is this Cleveland or Detroit? Those are the only JACK casinos I know of

  20. up $600 depressed he misses bounus. lol good win

  21. Great run! Glad you were able to trigger the bonus…I was thinking it was not going to happen. Nice job!!

  22. Curious, what is up with all the quick fading out and than going back to the video? Why not just keep it rolling since it seems you are still playing the same video? Again, just curious. Plus, awesome win!

  23. Love watching you play, love your reaction when u win, I'd be screaming so loud !!

  24. Chili Chili HOT!!!!

  25. Nice session !!! 😉

  26. I was curious, when you say you are going to take a break, do you actually cash out or just sit there and wait for a while?

  27. what casino do you usually play at? do you ever go​ to Vegas?

  28. That was great! Love your videos you always are so positive. Now somebody please explain turkeys as a symbol in this game. What am I missing? No entiendo lol.

  29. Good VLOGS as per. But who the Hell put that Horrible phone ad on here ? One of the most repulsive Promo's i've ever seen.

  30. I love how you say do it! Come on! LOLLL it's like I wait for you to say it while watching the video. Love your vids

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