CLASSIC 10X PAY SLOT MACHINE — Quarters!  Big Win!

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This is a classic 3-reel slot machine 10X PAY with a max bet of $0.75. And a big win of 600 quarters ($150!). Video taken at the Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. Nice Win! that is a new classic slot with music I hit 1000 quarters on the older 10X quarter but did not record it

  2. NIce win on PAYS 10x … I don't have a patience to play this any longer … although, I used to give it a shot back in the day.  Glad you had some luck!

  3. arent you glad you dont have to carry those quarters to the cash cage like i used to in the early 2000's…i hit 600.00 in quarters once had a stack of cups looked like i was moving stacks of cd's to another shelf where i to go

  4. Nice hit!  I've hit $6k on a 10x pay machine!  I was just about to leave, dropped a $20 in a $1 denom 10x pay, Bettiing $3 a spin, second spin = 10x 10x Double Bar!   Nice to walk out with a thick wad of cash in my pocket!

  5. heck yea! .75cent bet too.. boom shakacanah! u should say shaka khan and then do that bad ass shaka shaka shaka khan song after u win! that shit would be dope!

  6. Once in a while, I'll play the reel-spinners at either $0.75 per spin or $3 per spin, and once in a while, I'll hit a nice jackpot, whether it's 2000 quarters ($500) or 3000 dollars. 🙂 IGT and Bally have made some great classic reel-spinners, and it's nice to play on them every now and then.

  7. This my FAVORITE 3-reel game — have you seen the handpays on my channel?  Most are from my early days.  I have had 9 handpays in my life and 3 of them are from the 10x Pay Machine.  Two from the dollar version and one from the quarter version at the Wynn (10x-10x-DoubleBar).  LOVE this one and the 12x Pay Machine. 

  8. Awesome win VLR on a .75 cent bet. That is soooooo cool. 🙂

  9. Nice win. I like 3 real too

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