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For those not familiar, Keno is a fairly basic game where you choose numbers between 1 and 80 after which 20 numbers are drawn. You win if a certain number of your numbers match, based on the number of numbers you play. The more numbers you play, the more numbers you need to minimally match in order to win, and also the more you can win if you match ALL of your numbers. In this Keno video, I played 8 numbers with payouts as follows for an 8 credit bet:
4 Hits pays 24
5 Hits pays 80
6 Hits pays 400
7 Hits pays 1440
8 Hits pays 8000

As this is Cleopatra Keno, there is a bonus which is triggered by having both a winning round AND having the scarab symbol land on one of your numbers. The scarab is essentially just another ball that’s the last to be drawn. If these two events occur, the bonus is triggered for 12 Free games where payouts are doubled(and sadly not tripled like they typically are in Cleopatra!) Obviously scoring a Big Win or Jackpot during the bonus is where it’s at, if you’re lucky to have your numbers be drawn, Enjoy!

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  1. On the dollar one I hit 7 out of 7 at a $3 bet once. It gave me $1500

  2. You've piqued my interest in keno. I'll have to give a try next time we're in Vegas. We used to play while we were eating dinner in the casino.

  3. Odds on this are terrible you should be playing straight Keno.

  4. Ant? Is he talking about the scarab?!?! OMG…Must be a millennial with that awesome and overflowing well of knowledge.

  5. My dogs name is keno but then 2 years after we named him I found out keno is the name of a gambling game

  6. Cleopatra Keno always seems to have long spells of non paying plays. I found that exiting the game by going back to the game selection screen, then re entering it and placing THE SAME BET AMOUNT or lower, that it pays much more frequently. Whenever I experience 3-5 consecutive non winning plays, I employ this strategy. More often than not, the game will respond with a payout within the next 3 spins. There are 3 different strategies I use to "stop the bleeding" as I like to say. I show proof of this technique on my you tube page with an unscripted, unedited video of me playing Cleo keno for about 1/2 hour where I turned 4 banks of $100 int a profit of over $1,000. Noteworthy is the percentage of winning spins.

    I enjoyed a 33% winning spin to non winning spin ratio, whereas in your video, yours was closer to 12%. I cover three different techniques in my video. Check it out and let me know what you think. More importantly, try it next time you are playing a Cleopatra keno game with long dry spells. You will find that the machine usually responds well to it. Just link to my user name and the video should be on the cover page.

  7. Great Video and Congratulations for your winnings. Quick question to all you. I will visit Vegas next month and would like to ask you wich casino do you recommend to play Video Keno (4 card / 20 card / Cleopatra)?? I will appreciate your guidance. Thank you so much and Good Luck to all you guys !!

  8. I'm a 4 card keno player but I mix it up with Cleopatra keno sometimes. Nice hit!

  9. Based on the title of this video, I thought you hit ALL your numbers in the bonus round.

  10. A $400.00 win? Maybe I should have made a YouTube video last week when I hit a Multi-Card keno jackpot and was hand-paid $28, 956.00.

  11. Great game… I only play for fun 5 cent slots

  12. can you do some power keno? thats ny favorite of them all. I was playing at turning stone, and I played for the power keno for 40¢ bet, and I hit the 8# jackpot for $1,064. it was a fun night. so can you make power keno videos please?

  13. Cleopatra is my old lady!! Then also the 4 card Cleopatra is the shit

  14. Gonna try those numbers out lol

  15. you got lucky keno is one of the biggest sucker games at the casino that and roulette

  16. Keno is super fun

  17. Cool!

  18. The wife and I play Keno every week at our Harrahs. We want to try live play one day. I love that you can put $5 in and play for hours. One of my all time favorite games for sure!

  19. I've never played Keno before. Great win. Maybe you could go over the the different ways to play for people like me that have not played before. Hope you will show more. Thanks!

  20. Keno is fun when you want to slow down for just a bit and enjoy, I'm so happy to see a good old fashioned Keno Win!!!! Woo hoo!

  21. Love Cleopatra Keno, and also Caveman Keno Plus …GREAT WIN!!!

  22. Boring game to watch but nice win!

  23. So refreshing that you finally played something different. I really enjoy this game too!

  24. You tricked me with cleopatra LOL

  25. grats

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