Cleopatra Slot $9 High Limit Bet 100X *BIG WIN* Bonus! MY BEST CLEOPATRA WIN!

Cleopatra Slot $9 High Limit Bet 100X *BIG WIN* Bonus! MY BEST CLEOPATRA WIN!

[ad_1] Back to the Cleopatra slot machine with this slot video being MY BEST OVERALL BIG WIN on this slot, relative to my bet! Cleopatra is a classic video slot and can be found in all denominations in almost every casino although I never really understood the appeal until the past year, or so. Cleopatra is a very straightforward slot where the idea is to get the bonus by getting 3 or more scatter bonus symbols which awards you 15 free spins at 3x: so it’s all about the bonus in this one, as it is in «Geisha Girl» which is essentially a Cleopatra clone but with different lines. This particular video shows a «Live Play» bonus and what’s possible in the bonus when you get a 5-reel hit, Enjoy!

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  1. "Backup spin"? You must mean a "courtesy roll". lol good win.

  2. Awesome wins!! I've never played Cleo can't wait to looks fun to me. I always wish you would get an awesome line hit on that back up spin. Great video. Happy Holidays it's almost 2am I better get sleep. Had to wrap gifts for grandkids. I hate wrapping anymore lol

  3. That was Awesome! Congratulations bud

  4. Way To Gooooo!!!

  5. yeah buddy! great win~!

  6. One of my all time favorite classic machines! Had some great bonuses playing this in nickel denomination back in the day. Don't see it much anymore…..enjoyed the video!

  7. not for $9 a spin.

  8. awsome i love that machine

  9. Nice!!!!! I absolutely hate this game but I'm glad you do well!!!

  10. by far the best video I've see/heard from you. the pure happiness and strain/stress. beautiful ♡

  11. HOW DO YOU DO IT? ? Bonuses on the first spin. Must be that magnetic personality of yours pulling all those reels in line. Bet you really wanted to stay instead of cashing out after one spin. 😉

  12. congrats you rock

  13. why do you do a back up spin?

  14. You say you are new to social media and starting from scratch? You don't know the half of it. LOL. What if you were trying to understand this technology at the tender age of 74. You seem like a pro to me!

  15. Brian Christopher would be proud of you.

  16. great bonus and W!

  17. thats awesome,after reading your notes i didn't know geisha girl was a clone? or sister game to this one, i think im gonna challenge geisha girl in the ring next time i see her wait isn't geisha aristocrat?

  18. Congratulations

  19. So awesome! Badass man congrats that was so cool

  20. Fantastic bonus! On first spin?! Sweet! Congrats!

  21. Been watching your videos for a while now….probably one of the best channels Ive subscribed too! Awesome videos!

  22. And… And…. 😉

  23. Amazing! I haven't seen this line pay on a quarter denomination in 8-9 years. Where I came from 1c were an anomaly. We had nickels and up as our main focus. I would play this game religiously 9 lines at 3,4 or 5 quarters a line, it never failed me. I miss the days of 9 lines even the dollar games were played the same. We always walked away happy. Thanks for sharing. I've been on sabbatical this summer and I've had plenty of time to observe and I think about how I want to use my money at the casinos. I think the 1c machines are in the past as my predominate entertainment at the casinos. We'll see, I'm going in next week!! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Congrats again and many more I love watching your videos!!! Gl and win big!!!

  25. Is this your job?!?! And do you have Instagram or Twitter?

  26. Another nice bonus, congrats!

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