Clue Slot Machine Bonus — Lights out Random Conservatory Bonus BIG WIN!

Clue Slot Machine Bonus — Lights out Random Conservatory Bonus BIG WIN!

[ad_1] NYNY — $4 bet. The slot machine randomly thunders and the lights go out to award a player a random bonus or credit pick. I was lucky enough to hit this. [ad_2]

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  1. i fuckin miss these clue machines

  2. Where is the meow song !!!!!
    That's bull shit

  3. more clue slot

  4. dude you crack me up when you get super excited lol nice hit for sure 

  5. I am now convinced that shouting helps you win at slots.

    They need to make a Clue slot based on the movie.

  6. hmmm. Probably Mr. Green. I enjoy a suit… and Professor Plum is a lil too nerdy

  7. haha… Linda.. Would you believe,YES! Ill be there 17-20. Billboard Music Awards. Staying at Aria.

  8. Any chance you will be in Vegas between May 16-20? You have a big fan club from Illinois that will be visiting and would love to meet you in person.

  9. haha

  10. Its a date!!!

  11. Thanks pal!

  12. hitting this with 3 darts is very cool, congrats!

  13. OMG, Gurl I love you! Im in San Diego, go to Vegas all the time with my wife, and my best friend is a manager at NYNY…I have to hook up with you youre so funny! LOL

  14. If you don't like the constant screaming and profanity don't ever come to New York or New Jersey. Everyone here is just like this…

  15. Why, Gladys, This be New York New York…

  16. Which casino is this one in hon?

  17. Is the ppl in the casino staring at you, with all the screaming you crack me up

  18. Ill buy the booze.

  19. When you buy.

  20. $480.00 Is there any other math problems I can help you with?

  21. So, how much is 48000 credits in dollars? x)

  22. My fav video. When are we going to Vegas together?

  23. Nice win. Cannot wait to play it.

  24. I am a fun guy! Malibu Sprite with a vicodin chaser please!

  25. You little Hot Bottom-Boys always get the BIG WINS….

  26. Thanks, Kramerica, Good argument!!!

  27. Who goes to a casino to practice tact? Ever heard a craps table on a good roll? You must shudder at the sounds that come from there.

  28. I am, and good. Dont wanna be annoyed? Go to church… You wont find me in there.

  29. you sound annoying as fuck you would annoy the fuck out of me at a casino

  30. No sir, mostly just Vegas.

  31. Oh, an English major too. You're just the whole package. 🙂

  32. Please let me know when you learn how to punctuate a sentence properly.

  33. please let me know when your book on etiquette and indoor behavior comes out

  34. Personally, I like the Library the best.

  35. Keep it up and say what you feel. Nice win.

  36. I have no manners or Tact… is that not apparent???

  37. Glad you won and all, but I agree with the above people. If I was anywhere near you, I would have been so annoyed. It's fine to be excited, but there's an indoor voice aspect as well as manners, man. Have we forgotten tact?

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