COMEBACK ★SUPER BIG WIN★ Gold Bonanza Slot Machine Bonus | Over 100x | Max Bet Live Slot Play

COMEBACK ★SUPER BIG WIN★ Gold Bonanza Slot Machine Bonus | Over 100x | Max Bet Live Slot Play

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  1. Hey buddy, I played that machine at the Wynn and for hundreds and hundreds multiple times and couldn’t hit anything, crappy bonuses.. At least you broke even on that one.. Tough game..

  2. NO NO NO NO NO! Don't feed this clunker of a slot in the future! If you have $600—700 to burn, do it in Dancing Drums, 88 Fortunes, or even Eureka Reel! Glad you got most of it back.

  3. Congrats MR. NG You did it again. We loved it. Thanks for sharing your Amazing videos with us. My father says "Oh Yeah He got it I knew". LOl Best of luck to you. We love your channel.

  4. That was tough but great way to fight back!!! Great video

  5. Thank goodness you got your money back, what a tough game.

  6. You have one of the best slot channel! I don't gamble much but I enjoy watching your videos, I was think of starting my own channel but on Gardening though.

  7. He spent 500 LOL loser!!!!!

  8. Congratulations on the come back at the end there bub.

  9. Very nice my friend. GOOD Luck and GOD Bless.

  10. That was brutal, glad you got your money back and left that tight machine.

  11. Thanks NG!!! Wished you could have quadrupled your money. ❤❤❤

  12. OMG the first ten minutes were brutal. It gave you a lil bit but you said it best in the end! Happy hump day. Celebrate with a hand pay!

  13. Boom boom boom. Wtg NG

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