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Community Biggest Wins #17 / 2019

Community Biggest Wins #17 / 2019

Casinogrounds.com — Your online casino streaming community

«Community Biggest Wins #17 / 2019» is a compilation of the biggest slot wins submitted on the CasinoGrounds forum between the 26th April and 2nd of May 2019.

If you want your wins to be featured in our future videos, make sure to post them on:

Note that featured videos might be cut off too early in the start or in the end, as these videos are community contributions from the forum. Also, video quality may vary because of this. Videos that has very poor or no audio at all might have their audio replaced.

Featured games:
Dead Or Alive 2
300 Shields
Roman Legion
Hunter Spirit
Lucky Lady’s Charm
White Rabbit

35 комментариев

  1. 44,000 x whichever online casino provider was hosting that game is pleased as punch they weren’t betting max lol

  2. Piss off 0,12€ Pussy

  3. Meanwhile the 99% cant get 20x

  4. 40000x on 0.09€= less than 6000€.. thats nothing for the casino!!!!! but you all think it's AMAZING because it's a high amount of x.

  5. kid's name is highstaked and bets €0,5 . okay

  6. I did hit a 100X lols

  7. All those spins on lucky lady charms and not even 1000x

  8. Honza jeden 😀 česko like

  9. 44692X


  10. And you fools Believe the People behind this Channel has clean hands. Fools who let this thugs fool you. Wake up naive people.

  11. only 600x from donuts 127x multi wow so dogshit.

  12. Wow that dude really smashed DOAII… Crazy Insane hit no matter the stake!! Enjoy that beauty they will be few and far between those monsters 😉

  13. lucky bastards doing bigger hits on real play than i do on fake money

  14. Love what you did with White Rabbit 😀

  15. Hey i cant sign up casinoground /forum. Please help me

  16. Jeeesus christ

    Nice edits haha 10:20

  17. 5k off 12p wtf crazy hit

  18. Kind of hurts my soul its only 0.12 euro on that 44000x hit, none the less, big congrats!

  19. Betting 10 koreans

  20. DOA2 is off its tits….

  21. 2.5 Danish kroner =

    0.334865441 Euros

  22. The bet size at 1:28 was not 1.80 EUR.
    It was 0.33 EUR.

  23. donut bonus was a letdown… even at 630x

  24. Nearly 45,000x… On a slot… I've heard of such results in horse racing with boxed trifectas and crazy odds, once in a lifetime wins , Well seeing this on a slot must of been the promotional greatest win of all time coz I doubt we would see it on a €4.50, €9 stake etc hence why it done it on micro-stake

  25. Is that DoA win the biggest ever featured ? I’ve been watching for over a year and seen some huge wins but never one that big !

  26. It's funny. Every time I see an insane hit that is like.. 4000X or more, or even over 10.000x, it's always on a super low bet, like 0,30€ or even 0,12€ in the case of DoA2 there. You'd never see such a win on a higher bet size. But they still want us to believe that the slots are random and luck. All total horseshit if you ask me. No online slot is random. They all very deliberately control how much anyone wins to make sure the casino always makes profit.

  27. You are a wazard harry

  28. DOA 2 just wow.. 😀

  29. It’s official. Net Ent is reborn. DOA 2 is fucking mental. That is all

  30. I will never see brought bonuses as a multiplier of the lower stake.

  31. 45000x wasted on a 12p hit. Yeah i wouldn't turn down 5g but if he had a normal brain and had it at a least 90p. He could of had 45k. What a waste.

  32. How much is one DKK worth in Euros as you have two videos (300 shields and DOA2) where the values are different?
    2.50DKK = $1.80 and 0.90DKK = $0.12.

  33. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

  34. Typical that the clips of the highest wins are in low quality.

  35. Jamin Jars, now your turn!

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