Community Biggest Wins #24 / 2020

Community Biggest Wins #24 / 2020

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«Community Biggest Wins #24 / 2020» is a compilation of the biggest slot wins submitted on the CasinoGrounds forum.

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Note that featured videos might be cut off too early in the start or in the end, as these videos are community contributions from the forum. Also, video quality may vary because of this. Videos that has very poor or no audio at all might have their audio replaced.

Featured games:
00:00 — Intro
00:05 — Money Train
04:20 — Fat Santa
05:18 — Immortal Romance
06:55 — Reactoonz
05:19 — Ankh of Anubis
07:34 — Punk Rocker
10:00 — Reactoonz
11:26 — Deadwood
12:08 — Bonanza
14:31 — Battleship Direct Hit!
16:16 — Deadwood
18:09 — Dead or Alive 2 [ad_2]

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  2. That dead or alive 2 was amazing.

  3. what sites does everyone use cos my wins are pathetic compared to these lol

  4. does anyone know how i can block the most abnoxious streamer online? #rosh lol

  5. That 16 pinks x2 is unreal never would think that would hit

  6. Play responsible guys. You don't know how much all of these guys have lost prior to big wins.

  7. Some amazing multiplier wins there in the Community section. Congrats to you all!

  8. lol 7k balance playing low stakes lmao

  9. Sa kral paparam 1367739734 sigara parasi lazimda gonlunden bisiler atarmisin

  10. Мне одному кажется, что заграничные казино играют лучше российских?

  11. Applause for the editing job again CG — love the little Family Guy cutaway! different gravy to the other big win compilations out there.

  12. Lol 7k balance on fat Santa and the stake is 25p,, miss click buy perhaps

  13. I got 3 wild lines in last month . 3000, 4500 and 12500x . Not insane lik this but i think its still insane

  14. 59th comment !!!!!

  15. and i thought me winning 750x on a 20€ stake this weekend was huge 😀 @6:20 congrats!!!

  16. let me tell you something i play slots everyday 24/7 and i have never hitted that big in my life. Still chasing 5 explorer on book of dead since 9 years. It will never come trust me only streamers can get these winnings.
    and they get them daily 1000x

  17. Imagine if that bonaza win was with diamonds?! Woulda been freaking MILLIONS!

  18. The battleship win was mine xD

  19. Do you see big win in Razor Shark? Russian Casino Streamer Vituss Razor, played bonus in Razor Shark, and winning 296000€! Damn' it boy! What a hell?

  20. I got a 1250x win on deadwood earlier this week

  21. Goin to the actual casino here in the U.S. tonight. Only Taking $1,500 but it's enough to hit something. May the casino gods be with us all.

  22. that 30k win doesn't feel legit

  23. i kinda don´t understand the reactoonz wins, why in the first vid isn´t the win 4x when there is two times 2x?

  24. what happened to bandit? dont see hi for a long time now.

  25. Nice to see some Immortal Romance videos. You don't see them too often anymore 😀

  26. Great wins wish i had one all dried up last 2 weeks now..

  27. I’ve never heard someone so underwhelmed at winning £30k. Weird reaction.


  29. One day I might be lucky enough to have a win bigger than 50x. Looks like its all these wins that are taking my rtp. Maybe one day

  30. Hello. Как видео вам скинуть?

  31. on fat santa 7300 balance 0,25 bet

  32. one day i will be on here but for now i will stick to my 10x bonus wins

  33. Dead or Alive 2 is legend slot

  34. No slotspinner, this I like!

  35. First!!!

  36. 3:25
    Balance: 7376 €
    Bet: 0,25€

  37. First

  38. Ayy~

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