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Community Biggest Wins #39 / 2019

Community Biggest Wins #39 / 2019

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«Community Biggest Wins #39 / 2019» is a compilation of the biggest slot wins submitted on the CasinoGrounds forum.

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Note that featured videos might be cut off too early in the start or in the end, as these videos are community contributions from the forum. Also, video quality may vary because of this. Videos that have very poor or no audio at all might have their audio replaced.

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Jammin’ Jars

42 комментария

  1. How is the first one a big win???

  2. Lol i'm Fredos386 and it is just now i realize the win really ended on that video haha :).

  3. Hate this skandinavian currency shit

  4. Are you guys all playing on 0,20 cents?

  5. Can the provider send me the clip of my win?

  6. Great meeting you!!!

  7. fk suks like usual all wins are shiety bets becouse they lost all of course the same fk old casinos were you have to lose masiv to get a litle back and then they say a mega win yeah fk this shiet serios

  8. That jammin jars hit is soooo good

  9. Insane Winnings Bro

  10. Actually stunned by that JJ Win 😀 He actually hit the first 4 Jar combination ive ever seen. But lets not forget he missed a 2900x Hit Apple getting multiplied by 29 XD only 1 space away. Thats insanity. That wouldve been so nuts that the 20000x Cap would be actually sad

  11. the last one was impressing holy moly

  12. By FAR the craziest jammin jars hit i´ve ever seen. holy moly

  13. jammin

  14. What shit bet sizes lol fast forward thru the whole video

  15. Fredos or freb as we affectionately call him is a great guy. Really happy for him ☺️. It's great to see a low roller hit sick like this.

  16. imagine i lose in my life about 100 000 euros for sure, and get 2700 X best win :D:D

  17. guys stop gambling, i lose like a 1000 euros every month 10 years in a row, my best win 2700 x for 10 cent bet 😀 second 2000 euros for 1 euro play, never won for 2 or 5 or 10 euro bets, this is FAKE, this is FXXXKING INTERNET. WINS ONLY CASINO

  18. Community Biggest wins £245 quid. New car it is then

  19. beat size — — — — — :D:D:D:D::DD:D:D:D::D:D::D:D:D::D:D::DD:D:D::D:DD:D:

  20. lowbet edition?

  21. 10p stakes should be banned

  22. its so paniful seeing those kinda wins on such bowl as fuck stakes

  23. my win made it wooooo!!!! thank you casino grounds =D

  24. Nice video thank you ☺

  25. Congratz to all the 0,10 / 0,20 Pussys, go buy a Lamborghini.

  26. I'm a simple man: I see Fred's Jammin' win and click like.

  27. Was this slow stake special man such a huge waste of cash gone and all the tight fuckers spinning on 18p there should be a min of £1 per spin for these vids so much money for people to win but wasted on such low stakes

  28. It’s all a big commercial scam.
    Low cost base
    Set up in Tax efficient countries
    Shite products
    RIP people off

  29. First time I've seen all 4 jars connect, fantastic wins for the community.

  30. Pretty mad to open up the latest casino grounds video to find myself as the first clip

  31. The reel story what a **

  32. Jammin jars, best set-up ever

  33. Frechheit mit jammin ehrlich ich spiele immer auf 1 2 Euro und die ganzen kleinen Spieler luchsen die Gewinne ab ehrlich nicht gegönnt man. Bestimmt hat der 20 Euro eingezahlt nicht wie andere die 2.5k verlieren.

  34. Go fuckself with shit video with low shit stakes!!!

  35. Am I the only degen gambler who never bets below 2eur a spin?

  36. Hi I'm from the future NickSlots will hit a crazy win on safari gold megaways.

  37. Addicted Gamblers are good Gamblers.

  38. Whenever I play Jammin Jars its utter dog turd.

  39. not interested watching without people face

  40. I liked the dude on that hell game. think i'm gonna check out his YT channel. Great work as always guys!

  41. Good work! Love your videos

  42. This video must be punishment for a comment I made on another video about all the BS low stakes… if you are betting .10 or .18 you are a loser

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