Community Biggest Wins #45 / 2018

Community Biggest Wins #45 / 2018

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«Community Biggest Wins #45 / 2018» is a compilation of the biggest slot wins submitted on the CasinoGrounds forum between the 9th and 15th of November 2018.

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Note that featured videos might be cut off too early in the start or in the end, as these videos are community contributions from the forum. Also, video quality may vary because of this. Videos that has very poor or no audio at all might have their audio replaced.

Featured games:
Genie Jackpot Megaways
Dead or Alive
Jammin Jars
Book of Dead
Street Magic
Extra Chilli [ad_2]

33 комментария

  1. In the end did the casino payout?? Or just say game got problems can't payout lol

  2. Which online casino they are use much if it is safer?

  3. Some incredible wins but please last guy use bandicam next time you record. So tricky to watch hurt my eyes! grats on the +16500x though!

  4. Ad one of two? We have to watch two fucking ads now before a video? Fuck that

  5. LAST GUY WON 34k in euros

  6. If I got nearly 17000x my camera would be shaking lol

  7. That book of dead clip turned me on a little bit

  8. You need to put the Bandit's 800+X win on book up if you can! Epic

  9. What a shame about the last game! What is probably one of the biggest wins will be remembered by drunk hands!

  10. What the actual fuck. Wow

  11. At least that last guy should be able to afford a tripod with all the money he won.

  12. the thing is anyone would be shaking and screaming at 33k win off 2 dollars.

  13. Watch on YT, Montanablack online win, he won over 25k

  14. PLEASE stop translating german… I could cry ^^

  15. And here i am getting 3 and 4 euro bonuses on Jammin Jars after 500 spins 😐 for each bonus

  16. Ahahahahah those subtitles are too funny as a German

  17. Great win across the whole board but that end clip, what a win!! Shame about the shaking but I think I'd be the same too.

  18. jars win not even 50 000x,try again.

  19. cant blame the guy for shaking so much in JJ even i would be shaking at that congratz to all winners

  20. At last one i tought the bet size its in euros LuL!

  21. haha nice video.

  22. HEYY, I've finally made it in the video 2:57 Thank you CasinoGrounds <3

  23. Nice editing 🙂 Shame there isn't an option to replay historic bonuses and let people record in a manner that limits the eye bleed watching!

  24. motherfucker is that a skid like this was the last one? and why such drifts catch so seldom? because we're losing billions in casino and exhaust so rarely, and 0.0000001% of players are lucky to see it and the rest of the thumb sucking

  25. wow. Aside from a 5000x on BoD, thats the best win I've ever seen on it.

  26. omg last one , i lough so hard , hahaha so fucking funny , guy was so calm , most likely high 🙂 the Doggy :)) best gambling part i ve seen in my life

  27. How much was the last worth in £


  29. let me give me my comment to the last Clip in 3 letters "WTF"

  30. So many people complaining about that last video lol, put yourself in his situation, winning over 30k€ on a 2€ bet, I would be up dancing for sure lol! that book of dead win was really impressive, never seen two fullscreens of premium in one bonus before!

  31. What did they record that last bonus on, a potato?

  32. Clip @ 11:35 is fake he is speaking german but is playing with swedish language, but hey you're prolly sponsored by all these scam casinos so you wont do your research cause you're only here for the money

  33. Was the last guy filming from a potato in the middle of the sea?!

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