Community Biggest Wins #6 / 2019

Community Biggest Wins #6 / 2019

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«Community Biggest Wins #6 / 2019» is a compilation of the biggest slot wins submitted on the CasinoGrounds forum between the 8th and 14th of February 2019.

If you want your wins to be featured in our future videos, make sure to post them on:

Note that featured videos might be cut off too early in the start or in the end, as these videos are community contributions from the forum. Also, video quality may vary because of this. Videos that has very poor or no audio at all might have their audio replaced.

Featured games:
Genie Jackpots
300 Shields
Jammin Jars
Wild Falls
Mystic Mirror
Danger High Voltage
Holy Diver
Jammin Jars [ad_2]

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  1. Wtf 10 Euro Stake on Bonanza and you write there 11.3 Euro. Talking Bullshit here

  2. that holy diver win is 1 in 1 million .. be careful

  3. please dont mess around with danger high voltage editing.. that was confusing as fuck Reggie

  4. Watch jammin jars go to fuck — just like danger, rhino etc…

  5. Anyone else sick of seeing Jammin Jars vids? :<

  6. Subcribanse ami canal cada 100 subcriptores en youtube se ara un sorteo valorado en 500 diamantes

  7. тормозит всё ппц

  8. Why the fuck isn’t there a wager vid from tax claimer slots??? Have you noticed how much ur donations have dropped now uve bin exposed!!!

  9. The editing is shocking zooming in and out and spinning seems likes its been done by a 3 year old.

  10. This video look not fake and legit no fake money i approved.

  11. Ess ess eeeeessssss

  12. I played Queen Of Riches on $1 a spin and Jammin jars on 40 cents a spin and I still managed to loose $4500 in 3 days. No win over 250X banned myself for 2 years… WTF what a scam.

  13. The last guy says. "What a comeback"? lol.. A comeback from 8k down? I am confused. How much was he down before he won 8k? lol

  14. that 300 shields dude is playing in dollars while being a german (the whole slot is in german) that's weird

  15. please ban jammin jars

  16. Really nice to see some vids from people i haven't ever heard of. None of the usual suspects for a change. Good work CG! More of the same please. I like that you are mixing it up a little now! ❤️

  17. he hitted 8k X and said: what a comeback? Is he serious? I would cry…..

  18. Gratz to Marko. I saw the video when he had 2 views 🙂

  19. Did anyone notice in the 1st Jammin' Jars clip that the music is speeded up? Bit like playing a 33.3 RPM record pitched up to 45 RPM!

  20. 13:23 song name please!

  21. Good shit

  22. on what casino are this last video from Jammin Jars ??

  23. Yes… YES…. YEES… YEEEEES

  24. Hey! How can it be, that there's been two #4, two #5 and now two #6 videos?

  25. Jammin jars are always recorded with mobile? WTF

  26. Wow that really does show the potential of Holy Diver

  27. How can the danger high voltage gives k and j and 10 become wilds ?? All of Them??

  28. Pablo was getting bored

  29. Ridiculous wins. Need to sort my recording software out. I've hit these wins many times on minimum stake

  30. si si come no

  31. si si va be'

  32. Jamming jars monster win again. Not be long until that slot is banned imo

  33. jammin jars wins captured by mobile camera is always the biggest win

  34. Fourth! <3

  35. Nice


  37. 1st

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