CRAZY TIME BIG WINS in Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Coin Flip (Bonus Games)

CRAZY TIME BIG WINS in Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Coin Flip (Bonus Games)

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Crazy Time is the sequel to Monopoly Live and to be honest I thought that they’d have a hard time topping Monopoly Live but after the two first sessions since release I’ve changed my mind. I think Crazy Time is way more fun as there’s many bonuses on all of them have great potential for big wins. In this the first session we played on Wednesday night we got 200x in Pachinko, 200x in Coin Flip and 175x in Cash Hunt. To be fair the drawback is that it’s extremely volatile, if you’re stuck a few rounds without a big win it will dry your balance out in no time (at least of you play the right handed bets). I have to say I also like the strategy in Crazy Time where we play Crazy Time, Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Coin Flip together with 5 and 10x. With an up to 50x Multiplier on any of the sections they can hitt give insane wins. We’ll be back playing more Crazy Time soon for sure and I can add our biggest win the stream after was a staggering 300x in Pachinko.

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4. NEVER chase losses.
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5. Take frequent breaks.
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  1. Check out the €5000 Crazy Time giveaway here:

  2. And then tell me they dont rigg the wheel… please….

  3. You gotta be a dissapointment in life to work at something like crazy time

  4. The ball on pachinko is actually not physical but digital. There were 2 bugs earlier with the system where it paid out before the ball dropped. They said it was predetermined so the round was valid. You can also see it being digital from the spins

  5. when blanco is alone, it is some different stream going haha, get in guys

  6. Duck hunt 700x

  7. This game very good than monopoly

  8. Ding ding ding!!!

  9. casinodelisi is twıch streamer same ytıme 200x wın nıce . good luck

  10. Why cant I find this on Leovegas?

  11. Does everyone realize, that this whole game (pachinko) is DIGITAL !? Even that white lighted "puck" ! The outcome is predetermined !!

  12. Tis is dope

  13. Nice game! Hope you will play this more

  14. Kim you are by far the best casino streamer out there because you to it all table games slots live games respect men great content

  15. You only can make money on this wheel when u have a big bankroll. Such a bad game!!

  16. Do I see good someone hit 100k on that coin flip?

  17. Last stream, Clara (host) was still wondering why Blanco wanted her to be his cousin LOL. jk <3
    love your streams 😀

  18. congratulations

  19. One of the best streams !!!!!!

  20. Bidule 100k bro !

  21. I'm sure they rig it to look good whilst guys like you stream. Watched this live and decided to play next day after seeing your big wins. Played for ages and best I got was a 20x. Pish game

  22. Just had a 2000X on crazytime !

  23. You guys did well but I'm not a big fan of this game.

  24. The volatility is insane in this game it can rip a balance so quickly it is a fun game tho

  25. Even I used to bet on 1&2 only I won 1on 25X today

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