CS GO — BIG WIN YAAAYYYY! (CS GO Skin Gambling!)

CS GO — BIG WIN YAAAYYYY! (CS GO Skin Gambling!)

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42 комментария

  1. Steam : Duteyyy

  2. song at 1:50 ?

  3. Sub!

  4. i have a big penis

  5. You're so close to 1 milli subs side!!!

  6. I stopped watching after the big win because I was so happy for you 😉

  7. the fishing analogy at 3:35 was great..

  8. whats the music he uses for wen he wins?

  9. Do more betting vids!

  10. I have a huge cock so I had to like

  11. A

  12. When I saw this I though I have a few skins idgaf bout and bet like 6$ of meh skins and profited excluding the 6$ 20$

  13. how does a factory new cost less than a minimal wear?

  14. Your allowed to be excited

  15. whats the song he used in the intro?

  16. Who the first one to watch the video?

  17. Everyone relax I need your energy MAKE UP YOUR MIND DAMNIT!!!!

  18. Interesting "B" rush

  19. I wish I had a "knive" 🙁


  21. side plz call 1-800-BETSOFF

  22. Good b rush.

  23. Gotta learn when to stop and take your winnings bro

  24. A MW Karambit Damascus Steel is worth more than a FN Karambit Damascus Steel?

  25. Side bates with 80$ i bait with 80 cents 🙁

  26. I have a large penis

  27. almost a mil make like a 100 accounts

  28. That Damascus steel holy Shit side

  29. lol

  30. 1 mil Subs Face Reveal!

  31. The knives you lost belonged to the guy who won the massive pot hahah


  33. I love how side actually talks in his videos now

  34. Rip skins you will be remembered

  35. almost 1 mil

  36. Why was the modern warfare karambit worth more then the factory new?

  37. When the fun stops. Stop. Ahahahah rip skins

  38. Albi !!! When you lost the two damascus steel knives i got freaking mad !!! Why would you do that -_-

  39. How does the fac new Damascus steel karambit cost less than the MW??

  40. The crew intros are by far the best on youtube

  41. My mum said if this gets 100 likes sidearms will gift me a $70 knife

  42. If your mother saw this, no more corn on the cob. RIP Side

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