Dallas Cowboys Big Win Over Atlanta Falcons Recap

Dallas Cowboys Big Win Over Atlanta Falcons Recap

[ad_1] In this episode we are discussing the Dallas Cowboys victory over the Atlanta Falcons. There were tons of plays on both sides of the ball, but who gets the gameball? Let me know in the comments. The Cowboys improve to 5-5 and have a big showdown against the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving.

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18 комментариев

  1. My heart stopped numerous times throughout this game.

  2. Lve and zeke share the game ball

  3. Lve is a wet Back

  4. #55 Van Hellion

  5. Double nickel gets gameball

  6. Maher almost gave me a heart attack

  7. LVE rookie of the year! Sad that everyone booed his pick at the draft. All idiots! Keep proving them wrong LVE!

  8. Dak needs to step in the pocket better he panics too much if he can correct that dallas looks great

  9. Man do you think were more talented going against the saints than the eagles?

  10. #24 sucks as bad as our kicker.

  11. Evander Esh All over the Feild

  12. Fck off with lve please all u mfers thought it was a shitty pick when I was smiling cause I knew lve was a baller at boise . He should been a top 5 pick but everyone is dumb asf

  13. I agree with Maher. This is reason he was unheard of before.I said in my post on draft day Leightin is equivalent to what Fredrickson was he was drafted nobody wanted him.

  14. I think you have to give the game ball to LVE. That interception alone turned the momentum of the game in our favour.

  15. Zeke gets game ball

  16. You can't put all the blame on the kicker. What about the Missed Td drop by Cole Beasley. When it came dowm the line it was the kicker who won it when it was truly needed

  17. Cowboys: Currently 5-5 and playing for 1st…..nuts!!!

  18. I admit it, I was as wrong as wrong gets about LVE…couldn’t be happier to be wrong

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