Dan Patrick on Dallas’ Expectations After Cowboys’ Big Win Over the Saints: «Slow Down!!» | 11/30/18

Dan Patrick on Dallas’ Expectations After Cowboys’ Big Win Over the Saints: «Slow Down!!» | 11/30/18

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  1. Bunch of cowboy haters out there. If it was the Rams that did this to the saints they would have handed the Rams the Superbowl trophy right afterwards but it's the cowboys so they just chalk it up to the saints having a bad game or the officials making bad calls. The cowboys may or may not make the playoffs but I'll say if they do watch out

  2. Your just a hater. Sore losers lost a lot of that bit coin money….hahahahaha

    How bout them Cowboys!!!

  3. Steve you're a fucken idiot because even you thought Saints were gonna win and you are over here down playing that they shocked everyone with a win, duhhh it's a win over the saints stop being a little bitch

  4. No he didn't say that…he said they talked all thst sh## about us…nobody believed in us, we believed in us but they'll still talk sh## and here you are

  5. And as i watch dan now i just got my sports illustrated magazine in the mail and who is on the front cover ! Drew Brees ! Everyone has been saying drew can not be stopped !. Lmmfao!

  6. Worst officiated game of the year!

  7. That game is in the win column for the Cowboys. The Saints were picked to win by 7.5 points. Going into the game they had a game win percentage of 85%. Yes I'd say the Hot Boys shocked the world

  8. I was more shocked that defense reared it's ugly head in this game. 23 total points, that was shocking.

  9. Did they really take care of Michael Thomas? 5 catches for 40 yards… At least 2 big pass interference calls that don't count on his stats and that review on that other catch for 20 yards that they couldn't overturn. Really he had like 7 catches for 90 yards atleast

  10. Fuck outta here Seton. It was Zeke that said that. He didn’t say it like that. He said it casually and right after he said ‘We shocked the world’ he followed it up by saying they didn’t even play as well as they could’ve and that that was unacceptable. Who the hell picked the Cowboys?? I know of 2 ppl on television that picked the Cowboys. Vegas had them as 7.5 point underdogs AT HOME. Yeah, I think they did shock the world. Busta.

  11. Taco who?

  12. The Dallas Cowboys are a QB away from total dominance. Dak did EVERYTHING he could to lose that game last night! On the other hand, the defense is SICK!

  13. Who Dak?! But, seriously, where's Shea from Irving?

  14. Boring ass game lol dak and his fumbles are hilarious

  15. 95% picked the Saints they shocked the world.

  16. I do think they shocked some though, based on the way some commentators and football fans talked. They pretty much implied that Dallas would never beat the Saints

  17. Hey you freaking dumbass. People are driving in their cars not a good idea to play siren

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