Dancing Drums Slot $8.80 Max Bet Bonus WON | White Tiger Slot Machine Max Bet Live Play

Dancing Drums Slot $8.80 Max Bet Bonus WON | White Tiger Slot Machine Max Bet Live Play

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23 комментария

  1. White tiger sucks!

  2. Do a gamble with small wins.. I feel like it always triggers the feature

  3. Fact: you never said "*show me the power of your bonus*" and therefore you never got the white tiger bonus.

  4. Max bet is the only bet in my mind… Great job NG

  5. you are giving me a heartburn, can you get a better machine that gives money at least?

  6. Ng slots and Vegas low roller are the best on YouTube 🙂

  7. You need to play some konamy s my friend

  8. Dancing Drums has got to be one of the hardest and most volatile games out there today. That's why whenever I get the bonus I always go for the maximum amount of games with a lower multiplier but I get a better chance of retriggers. Never had a big win and I don't expect one. Thanks for sharing and may good fortune be your guide.

  9. Good luck Mr Ng show me the big money

  10. Dear Mr Ng. 3:30 ? I live in Vancouver that’s
    Is different time ?

  11. Good win bro, I want yo see handpay bro

  12. That was a lot of fun! Too bad those White Tigers wouldn't give up a bonus. You played it for quite a while and I don't know why it didn't give you that bonus. Fun Video!

  13. nice max betting!

  14. Nice win on the Dancing Drums. I played the White Tiger many times. It is hard to get one of those progressive.

  15. Great video NG!

  16. Dear Mr Ng went you on line live ? Next time because is so good

  17. Good morning dear Mr Ng , I hope you got lucky today , that two games is so hard to win
    Try anything

  18. Happy Friday great video

  19. Nice job on those drums! Happy Friday NG!

  20. The mini

  21. Good morning NG, good run, Thanks for sharing

  22. Love watching your vids my friend gives me hope when I go to the casino lol

  23. Happy Friday my handsome friend. Have an awesome and safe weekend with your wife and kids.
    I love you NG slot channel my favorite. Thank you for sharing your videos your channel is the Best.
    Good luck

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