Danger High Voltage BIG WIN. Danger is back!

Danger High Voltage BIG WIN. Danger is back!

[ad_1] Or is it? During our livestream, after months of ripping on it, we finally got some sugar from DHV. Enjoy this highlight 😉

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  1. My heart sank a little when the 1st spin was a deadspin, but once that Queen finally landed on reel 5 I was smiling. Good spin, great win. 🙂

  2. I don't think Danger ever went away! It's an amazing game for sure, CONGRATS!

  3. Nice win David especially with the double retrigger, nice to see your vaping but I didn't have you down as a smoker, I managed to stop after forty years of smoking but I still vape, blackcurrant chill is my favourite what's yours?

  4. Well done, get paaiiid. Big congrats Dave.

  5. Well done David! 😀
    Hope your doing ok Amigo?
    I have some news to tell you.

  6. And the the Dutch man does it againn !!!!! Woeoohoooo

  7. David you seem like a nice chap and I’ve followed your videos for some time. I’d like to ask you some reasonable questions please. It seems highly improbably that a non streamer would achieve these type of wins in the high frequency that your channel indicates. I understand that posting losing videos wouldn’t be much fun for the viewer however In this particular video. you’ve won around 10% of the National wage of the U.K. and in a year of playing have not had such returns.
    1) Do you think it is reasonable to suggest that a non-streamer wouldn’t be able to replicate your outcomes without affiliation or casino bonuses to push their product.
    2) If it is unreasonably to suggest a non-streamer would gain such returns are these videos not highly misleading and unrepresentative of actual game play?

  8. Funny how an affiliate gets a big win on danger as soon as everyone says it’s been nerfed hahah

  9. About time! Well done mate x

  10. very nice mate congratulations

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