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Dave Mishkin calls Lightning highlights from big win over Capitals

Dave Mishkin calls Lightning highlights from big win over Capitals

Tampa Bay Lightning radio commentator Dave Mishkin calls highlights from the Bolts’ 6-3 win over the Washington Capitals on 3/16/2019. Alex Killorn leads the Lightning to a big win with the first hat trick of his career.

Intro song: Bad Religion — «No Control»

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  1. Hey Esposito, did anyone barrel in?

  2. You just love to see Joseph take down Wilson

  3. So, what did we learn by the Bolts beating up Washington? That the Bolts won't be pushed around and can get more physical than Washington ever can. Wilson is still the leader in being the NHL's cheap shot douchebag and should be suspended and fined,… yet again. TJ Oshie needs to get curb stomped by Yanni Gourde. The Bolts PP and PK need improving against the Craps. The Bolts are a superior 5 on 5 team. Also, that the Russian Grape Ape (yeah not Great 8 IMO), can't pass worth a fuck, and can only shoot, (although he still shoots VERY well..). The refs let the Crapitals get away with a LOT of bullshit and called some strange penalties against the Bolts. Killer went BEAST MODE. Congrats on the hattrick Alex!! We still have MIA signs out for Palat, McDonagh and Hedman. And the next meeting between the 2, should be a slobber knocker. Till then, one more win by the Bolts I believe not only clinches the divison for back to back titles, but I think the Presidents Cup as well. I hope they play their best against a hot Coyotes team who seems to have their number.

  4. Killorn was an absolute power house

  5. If Tampa does not win the cup this season, I WILL GO INTO CARDIAC ARREST FROM ANXIETY AND STRESS. 2004 is such a long way in the past.

  6. I was at the game. It was a good win but it wasn’t easy.and the refs sucked

  7. +1 for Espo on the broadcast.

  8. Playoff killorn …

  9. Can someone explain to me how the Wilson sergachev hit wasn’t a penalty

  10. Man what a wild game! I can’t wait for the other two!⚡️⚡️

  11. First shift next game Cernak needs to drop the gloves and give Wilson a beatdown. Tj Oshue thinks he wants to go with Yanni Gourde. I got news for ya bud, not a smart move.

  12. Big time game from killorn. out there workin his butt off. Love it!!

  13. Robo Dave like Dr. Disrespect’s Robo Doc. Yayayayaya

  14. Was it easy? No. But yet again we beat another top notch team. We must win the cup or this magical season will be for nothing!

  15. Can I get a "Fuck Tom Wilson?"

  16. Fuck Wilson!! GO BOLTS!!!

  17. Payback is a bitch Lets Go Lightning

  18. Wilson is biggest dumbass out there lmao what a baby. One more win till we win the division and the presidents trophey!

  19. There it is. The best recap in the business.

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