Davinci Diamonds BIG WIN !!!

Davinci Diamonds BIG WIN !!!

[ad_1] hard to get the free spins on this game ……they re-triggered 8 times for a total of 43 spins. [ad_2]

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  1. Please let us watch the whole board

  2. Bad photography and you didn't even show the final bonus dollar amount

  3. Recording could be better

  4. Great bonus. Just subscribed. Please subscribe back

  5. good camara work

  6. That is the most spins I seen yet on this game. The most I ever got was 30.

  7. Couldn't really see the winnings.

  8. can't see whole machine

  9. I've played this game so damn much, never saw ANYTHING like that! Congrats man, that's a once in a lifetime bonus!

  10. That's a retrigger city! Epic win! My fav slot!

  11. Awesome respins bro amazing bonus . Don't let the haters bother you lol

  12. wow. that was a great hit!!!

  13. It looks like fun but over time you give it all back plus more.  A very expensive hobby to have.

  14. Big win? Ummmkay…..

  15. your filming ism shit

  16. How much

  17. I love this game. So fun to play and one can play really long time with those 25 cent bets using the $5 free play. 🙂 I played for a good 12 minutes in this game. If I had $10 I would have triggered that bonus round for sure. With two dollars of play I got back $4. 🙂 Which for me is really nice. The other $3 used it in the Beir Haus and that machine just ate all the $3 free play money. 😛 Da Vinci is played more often especially the 20 cent bet. Anyways $740 win is awesome! Thank you for sharing this moment with the rest of us. Maybe someday I will be able to play the $1 domain in many of my favorite games, but for now I'll just stick with the 20 — 40 cent bets for kicks and laughs. I just have a feeling the Da Vinci machine I played with today at 20 cent per bet will eventually want to be a big sweet heart on Friday and give me a good bonus round of free games too. I don't ask for much. $80 — $90 is sufficient enough for me for next months' payments. If I won $185 though.. that would be awwwesooome. 😀

  18. Thats a keeper   good job!

  19. that was just amazing lol

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