Davinci Diamonds Slot Machine BIG WIN $10 Max Bet *LIVE PLAY* Bonus and Line Hit! (2 videos)

Davinci Diamonds Slot Machine BIG WIN $10 Max Bet *LIVE PLAY* Bonus and Line Hit! (2 videos)

[ad_1] Back to the classic Davinci Diamonds slot machine by IGT, with a BIG WIN line-hit plus some Live Play $10 Max Bet action! I discuss the basic slot-play here in my original Davinci Diamonds slot video:

What strikes me about this slot is that every now and then, you do get a killer line-hit as you will see! During htis session, what a roller-coaster ride and I was happy to capture the bonus live which also had some good line hits, Enjoy!

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  1. No back up spin? Nice hit on pennies!!!

  2. Great run!!!!

  3. Nice win. My dad loves playing this machine but he's only done good on it maybe once or twice XD

  4. Nice win. Love this slot it's one of my favourites

  5. Girls and pearls! Thanks for posting…..

  6. Nice win! Congrats!

  7. Good win

  8. That first hit on pennies was unreal! Nice live play session too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. just please show the amounts of denomination rather then zoomed in too close. Wana feel the win too lol

  10. love the videos man. please keep em coming

  11. Sweet wins !! I love your live videos ! Thanks for the sharing !

  12. I've played this game at the airport waiting for a flight, much fun. Nice win.

  13. Nice live play, I am still trying to get something decent on this one, but not sure if I will keep trying it. That first line hit was a beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thanks for showing that unlikely and ridiculously awesome line hit… Now I have one request: Where was the exact location of that slot, gotta play it… lol.
    Long Time Fan,
    Wolfy 🙂

  15. Now we know what you look like. Lol

  16. Nice wins here! I play this every once in a while.. Seems like a tough one to jackpot on unless those retriggers start coming!

  17. nice one I couldn't get the damn bonus all weekend on this game

  18. One of my fav games, those were some very nice line hits, congrats.

  19. Love this game! Played double DaVinci over the weekend, that's a shame what they did with it, portraits are not getting removed in the bonus, you still need to line up and you can't retrigger there either, lame…

  20. An oldie but a goodie. Congrats. )

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