DE Finally Remembered Wukong Exist |Warframe

DE Finally Remembered Wukong Exist |Warframe

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Ash Final Jutsu Build| 2018|


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  1. I wanna notice wukongs existence but I can't

  2. Just going to throw this out there… Make his 1 like a 72 transformation. Change into some Tenno Bird, OX, and Tiger and jsut eat shit. So tap the one become a Bird that is fast as fuck you can fly around and attack crap with puncture but givign you archwing flight like Titatania, Hold one a lil bit become an OX and run around and charge everything giving them impact dmg and knock downs opening them to finishers, then full charge become a tiger running around slashing crap to death with slash procs. Become a duration ability and your other three abilities get a change depending on what you are. Oh man that would be nasty. Keep 2 but add when you take dmg or defy die or both you get more dmg increased, then 3 delete that too. Do an ability called like 1000 Hairs where you hold down the 3 and you shake a bunch of hair off and make a shit ton of spectre clones that drain your energy as they re out but the longer you can keep them out the stronger they become but they drain more energy. The fourth ability you summon the Pole and you increase your dmg for takeing dmg so it stacks with defy and you become enraged, Your 1st ability changes to a Giant pole crashing ability that stuns the enemies in an area around you dealing dumb amounts of dmg that gets boosted depending on how much dmg you have taken and how many times you have defied death. Charging the 1 will increase the range of the AoE from the Pole youll grow it out more and also increase the dmg more. The pole on the fourth will infinite grow longer for each hit you do it grows a bit and itll keep growing until you turn it off as it grows it gets stronger along with how much dmg you take.

  3. The biggest change needed for his 4 is not the look of it, it's the stance. Why have a 20 foot long staff if all of your combos end with smashing your dick into the floor. Needs to be a sweeping spinning style, not a pogo stick. It's Mui Garbante, that's Venezualan for hot trash.

  4. wukong is so trash nidus stole his 2 and made it a passive.

  5. Both 1 and 4 are useless, that’s why he’s gutter trash.

  6. Ill be that guy! You have no idea the power behind wukong he is best frame


  8. Rework proposal that gives team play/benefits (even if just a little) a bit too cc heavy though imo, but the meta made me this way
    Passive: 25% melee range for you and your teammates (grow staff reference,)

    1:spin your stick around and ragdoll/knockdown all enemies caught within it. Scales with range & power, adds to combo

    2: Hop on to cloud that flies anywhere for (duration) and speed (power), re cast to cancel early, but retain movespeed buff until duration ends (Augment gives clouds to all teammates within radius)

    3: create an AOE radproc as you turn invisible and create wuklones that draw aggro and have hp based on (str) and live for (duration)

    4: gain armor based on combo counter (base 1 for 1, affected by power str), then apply old defy, equip wukong staff, but can swap out of it instead of being locked to that item. (scales off of power strength and melee mods). <(Augment gives hyper aggro wuklones with sticks per every 10 kills that last for base 10 seconds + duration, clones can use 2)

  9. Syringer when ever wukong recives impact damge all weapons he has shifts to slash XD (this is how de solves things ) , equinox is bae cant wait until mesa prime access end so equinox get her own
    Ps: equinox need to get better passive and some boosts

  10. Can we also get a rework for Chroma too?

  11. Exodia contagion build is the only thing that works for him right now

  12. I love wukong

  13. Wukongs is more trash than fortnite community tbh

  14. They might not do the clones, they would use the logic of Mirage already has clones that can do damage

  15. Wait so they're reworking a frame that isn't a curvy female frame? Did not see that coming.

  16. There is just one thing I need to ask you or if anybody can help me I’ll appreciate it well is he using a riven mod in zar?

  17. And so the warframe's wukong has to be like the other ones ?
    I hope warframe will follow is one way has they use too
    But I am happy to hear this news
    More synergies has you said would be great !

    Some ideas for the rework :
    I d like to see wukong as a mele warframe (in respect to the origins of his name)
    To keep the survival side the ulti would be, as the Ash mechanics, something to mark the enemies and more you mark the enemies more your overall damage is increase. If you kill the enemies marked with a mele weapon you will earn a timer of damage immune. (It could be shut of by the corpus bubble)
    For that he need mobility with one or two of his other abilities
    For the team synergie side A buff or maybe a control, which help all the team too, would be great



  19. If Wukong doesn't die then I don't expect him to have much more to give regarding other skills. Balance.

  20. Wukong is very good. Not trash at all. Totally not doing this just to trigger peeps

  21. I actually forgot about Wukong

  22. Vauban is trash

  23. Complete rework: what i wish.

    Passive:Every kill with a melee weapon increases the reach of the weapon by 5%(max 200%) for 10 Seconds

    Power Pole: Deal damage to an area in front of him with his bo staff. Range is based off melee reach. Hold the ability to spin but decrease the range by 50%

    Cloud walker Wukong creates a copy of himself inside a cloud in a area. The copy attacks with the melee weapon held, and deals bonus damage when in the area of cloud. Enemys inside the cloud are automatically unalerted.

    Wukong jumps in the air, becoming invincible for a while. While airborn, he grabs ahold of the nearest surface wall, creating a branch to hang off of. He can shoot while hanging from the branch.

    Wukong has a mighty bo staff. Deals bonus damage based off range.

  24. You just said wukong is based off of goku…. negro what please do some reading you said that backwards

  25. … “Garbo” isn’t even Spanish, what you meant to say was “wukong is basura”, nice video btw

  26. Now I don't know why you're always talking shit about Titania when Wukong and Ember Exist.

  27. wukonga ultimate should be his shape shifting abilities

  28. Honestly if he becomes a high tier frame, Wukong deserves it. He's been trash long enough.

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