Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna — 1/7 — "We Are Ready To Start the Mission"

Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna — 1/7 — "We Are Ready To Start the Mission"

[ad_1] Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and I’m currently away until late March, check the video here to learn why:

So as a result, I left some pre-recorded videos so you don’t miss me too much and in this video we are playing a space game!
I chose this less known, but very intriguing game that you can learn more about here:

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  1. I am new here. But i really enjoy your channel. Have a great vacation.

  2. Pity it’s not on PS

  3. Please make a separate video on your relative who doesn't believe in the internet, that is far more fascinating.

  4. This game looks super intriguing! 🙂

  5. The temperature of the moon fluctuates between -250 F to +250 F. Would going to mars be safer. No human has been outside a low earth orbit from what I understand

  6. 2030 oh GOD

  7. Thank You Anton . I Like this game, and your walk through is engaging. I hope novelty leaves you smiling as you finish your tasks.

  8. Helleu wunderful purse on

  9. Cool video man

  10. Anton why are you buying in the sky is falling bs?

  11. Anton, you are taking this game way to seriously.

  12. Really look foreward to these videos..turning on as many friends to your channel as I can

  13. heck yeah

  14. Not only does WSA stand for World Space Agency, it also stands for WillShackAttack.
    Ugh, now I just sound narcissistic…

  15. Why is this launching pad so close to the living area? the exhause going to kill you, right?

  16. I try very hard everyday to be an asshole , so I find it offensive to be called a wonderful person …

  17. This would be a super game in VR..

  18. hey Anton, i hope you have a good trip and remember to keep you head up 🙂

  19. Awesome. Very fun to watch!!

  20. 30:27 Flat Earthers? Where are you?

  21. I will sorely miss your educational content. Have fun on your vacation.

  22. …the moon is the unimposeable military outpost. The high ground. Our grandchildren, will see the contest to rule the moon.

  23. Anton, are you developing any games? I think you would be quite good at it.

  24. You know, I don't do gaming; I don't really care about it much, but once I started watching, I couldn't stop. Good job!

  25. Your professional commitment to YouTube is amazing.

  26. Anton, where do you live?

  27. Just know guys……. this guy is probably the best YouTuber on YouTube but just underrated as hell

  28. I wish your face cam was much smaller.

  29. Like and comment

  30. Anton. I love your science videos but your gamer game is ON POINT! Definitely need to play more games on this channel!

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