Democrats BIG Win! GoFundMe campaign for Trump’s border wall has ended and failed

Democrats BIG Win! GoFundMe campaign for Trump’s border wall has ended and failed

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✅ Julia Blog News: A GoFundMe page for the border wall’s construction was created by Brian Kolfage from Florida, who decided to take matters into his own hands after he was tired of watching the president fail to secure funding. However, Kolfage has decided to end the campaign after the $1 billion goal was not met. Kolfage said that even though his fundraiser failed and he’d likely have to refund most of the donations, he has plans to get the wall built himself:
Kolfage said that he’s discussed his fundraiser with someone in Trump’s “inner circle” but would not specify who. Kolfage also insisted that many donors didn’t want their money back

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  1. Pray tell why has this border wall only been important since the Democrats took the House? Republicans held all three, but the wall wasn't important then.
    YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Border Agent stops Trump in Texas and humiliates him with under wall tunnel statement

  2. Trump won't get his wall now since we know he's a traitor. Hope you like prison Donnie

  3. Common sense wall

  4. Sieze the money and give it to federal workers who didnt get a check this week and to impeach the traitor in the whitehouse

  5. "They don't want the money back" hahahahaha, just another right wing Republican crook

  6. I’m sure the money will end up on Trump’s checking account eventually.

  7. Fake news again…this video is what a Russian Bot sounds like.

  8. Thats a lovely group of law breakers . . . trying to make money to support trumps ignorant, useless and egoistic wall . . . all of these clowns think they are smarter than the system and you and I . . . Just like trump . . . birds of a feather trying to rip off America . . . jail them all !!!

  9. Lyceum Foundation Program

  10. Ya stupid and persistent.. well said.. that's what they are it's a chronic disease. ignoritiss

  11. They'll never see a dime or a wall

  12. They would have to buy the land before they could build any wall.they arent the government.

  13. Give him his damn wall, let's get back to gov open! 2020 dems take over take the wall down & sell it to Japan for scrap metal

  14. This is a big L for America.

  15. Another SCAM❗️❗️
    When tis GoFundMe started tge promise made was WILL RETURN EVERY SINGLE CENT if it does not achieve target❗️❗️❗️
    Now asking IF REFUND required instead❗️❗️❗️
    A confirm SCAM❗️❗️❗️❗️

  16. Only weak minded simpletons would be gullible enough to fall for that GoFundMe Wall. Probably the same fools who donated to the Evangelical Bible Bashing Retards begging for funds to buy another Aircraft or Yacht. Maybe even the Basket of Deplorables that voted for Trump might be able to help. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  17. LIES!!!! Contact Brian yourselves!!!

  18. There is no truth to this I just contacted go Fund Me.

  19. I'm thinking he could be the antichrist and bringing the end of mankind.

  20. I am glad that the go fund me wall got shut down OR it would BE GOING INTO THE FAMILY FUNDING that they will pay their own personal bills with that money. Guesswhat Eric Trump was bragging about getting all kinds of money from Russia before all of this other crap came up about the family. The fact that trump's used funding to pay their bills all time. I know you are going to say all of them do that but one simple fact is that they didn't try to run for office. I am not trying to convince anyone about 45 but you know the rest. The evidence on this case will will speak for itself.

  21. This is great news. Let these assholes burn all their money on this project. The more they spend on this, the less they'll have to buy bullets for when they try to start a civil war or massacre liberals.

  22. Womp, womp. A fool and his money is soon parted..

  23. No the AMERICAN people dont want that wall trump and his RIP off artists do. Polls have been taken 75 percent do not want the wall twits.

  24. A fool and his money are soon parted

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