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Den of Gold Slot — BIG WIN SESSION!

Den of Gold Slot — BIG WIN SESSION!

FULL SCREEN ACTION on the Den of Gold slot machine by Konami!

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Den of Gold is a clone of the very popular Chili Chili Fire slot machine where you win by landing winning paylines although it can get a bit more interesting in the «Fade Away Feature» which is randomly triggered after any spin. During this feature, all non-premium symbols are eliminated and remaining symbols tumble down and this cycle repeats until you have a screen filled with premium and bonus symbols only. Obviously, this can really get interesting, with a little luck of course!

The Free Games Bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols for 10, 12 or 25 Free Games respectively. During the Bonus, the Fade Away Feature is more likely to occur, Enjoy!

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25 комментариев

  1. Have you ever calculated out your win/loss percentage?

  2. Wow nice win man, that was fun to watch, good luck mr captain payback.

  3. That’s what’s else is fun about gambling, sometimes line hits can be a lot better than bonuses. That sure was the case here as you had some great line hits and the screen full of aces was nice just imagine how much more the $240 line hit would be of that was a screen full?! Anyway loved seeing this game by Konami and just like every video this was fun filled with everything! Thanks again for the creations of your videos Tim!

  4. nice win

  5. What an awesome game. I’ve played this one before didnt to as well as you but made my money back lol.congratulations on that awesome win mr. BP

  6. This Konami game leaves me cold. I think it's because the Fade Away Feature didn't show up often enough. The wins were good enough — you made some money — but the art work was bad — took me a long time to figure out the red symbol was a dragon and the other was its egg and the theme wasn't developed. Glad you took us to visit the Den of Gold — I won't go back alone.

  7. Awesome run Tim! Great features!

  8. What a great paying machine,& a great result.

  9. Great session!! Have an amazing weekend!

  10. The lesson is always bonus chase 😉

  11. I very much like this slot! You cracked it!

  12. Wow ! Could be huge if those lady filled in the 5th row . fantastic Tim

  13. How fun!

  14. I really enjoy your video and like the way you say 'do it' 🙂 and congrats for the win

  15. Good run thanks for sharing

  16. Nice comeback.

  17. That was a fantastic session! Turning a hundred into four hundred…winning! Thanks for sharing another fun one.

  18. I'm about to head downtown for some casino time and I thought I'd pop in on your channel. Now I'm really pumped!

  19. The bonus really bounce you back! She’s a tough one alright

  20. Awesome video!! I really like this game! Good luck from the 631!

  21. You don't play Ainsworth ?

  22. That bonus symbol looks like the holy corn..

  23. Haven't played this game..

  24. Nice run. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Really cool game! Always cheering!!!

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