Did Warframe’s FORTUNA Live Up To The Hype?

Did Warframe’s FORTUNA Live Up To The Hype?

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  1. I hope they make a third and final open world map (for infested) and then sit back and focus on making the three open world maps not empty and develop them further.

  2. 24.1.2 significantly helps the footstep issue with color blind players. (Your footage is pre-24.1.2- they glow really brightly now.)

  3. You say the mining change is an improvement to the old "connect the dots" system, and yes it might be easier for the people on console. But overall it feels more like a low-key resource nerf. Where before I could get 8-10 things from each rock, now I only get 4 on average, and the new wheel is not without frustration either.

  4. I've lost interest in Fortuna as its taken way too long for it to come to Console

  5. Any body on ps4 willing to help me?

  6. I agree

  7. question…havent played in years but you cant use your Archwing gun you can only use your normal weapon..? like, i cant shoot corpus with the fluctus?

  8. remember every year mogamu goes on a rant about how hes going to change things up and spend less time on warframe … lol

  9. They sure are taking their sweet time releasing fortuna on consoles…

  10. How many times are people going to comment on Fortuna being an open-empty space before remembering the fact that DE has said that fortuna is basically a canvas for more things to be put on? How many times? I've counted at least over 100 times by now (through ctrl + f) where some ignorant Vet who didn't really put the time and research into learning what Fortuna is about says the above comment.

    You're a veteran ffs; you know how you got to veteran status? By doing research and putting the time in towards the game. Don't let your stupidity hinder you from doing the research and putting the time in to making a well-structured opinion.

    I've played this game for 2000+ hours, yes, I felt the lack of actual meatiness in Fortuna's update; No, I did not say DE just made another POE and couldn't do anything about it. Why? Because I did my research and know where DE wants to take this update. Unlike POE, where they had no idea where they wanted to go.

  11. I would like to have a teno plant added we save the galaxy and live tiny little ships

  12. completely disagree with you on the update schedule.

  13. It was pretty underwhelming IMO. Bounties are so boring and they should never have added the standing cap. They needed something new and fresh, not PoE 2.0. Warframe is such a hard game to actually make continuously funny. Warframe is funny for a couple hours then i don't play it for days and this is the main problem with this game. Bounties are only fun 1-3 times. They should have added more exploration and more lore-related content. But of course, no game stays fun forever.

  14. Fortuna needs the cherry on the top…the high level gameplay. The equivalent of Eidolon hunting with those big spiders and boss fights.

  15. If a player does not know what single good weapons are, they will surely be able to build a "good" weapon of three different parts.

  16. about the openworld topic, starting at 15:00. as you said, warframe shouldnt do the "collect stuff we have hidden in this world" thing. there is enough to collect with fishings, floofs, mining. those are the collect stuff things in warframe and other MMOs. i think that's perfectly fine. what they probably should've done, which was tried in plains, are the random encounters. but those random encounters need to be sth. really different. not your basic mission type spawning randomly. now this is a lot to ask, because DE aint that big ass company like Rockstar or Ubisoft (plus: look how long rockstar is developing. 5years+ for games like gta or red dead redemption), but in my perfect dream world, DE is connecting your bounties with those random missions spawning. for this, DE probably needs to change the bounty system. the open world needs sth. like "endless bounties". it's nothing like the "do 4 bounties, get back to the npc" but more like a "ok, we're going out and help the people in venus". you basicly start with one bounty and the there will always be a the next one after it. randomly generated. and while you're out there in the zone, doing your stuff endlessly, there are random missions that pop up while you're travelling through there. but those random missions need to be outside of the typical missiontypes, otherwise it wont feel different from the endless bounties. the problem is: that's a lot of work. you have to think of "well, but how will i 'pause' the endless bounty thing when the random mission pops up?", how are people to communicate when to end bounties? sth. like interception but every 4-5 bounties? i even was thinking if warframe needs to change their quest-hub system. right now it's pretty much seperated from your openworld, which gives this in-an-out feeling, even though we have that npc guy giving out new bounties while outside in venus.. the thing is, we're always leaving the open world thus it's hard to do sth. like those random missions since they mostly seem to get in the way with what you're actually trying to do right now. when i go out for fishing or mining for a few hours, i'll never do the random missions even if they pop up, because i'm doing mining right now and cant be bothered.

  17. The problem saying you want worlds like Spiderman and GTA but those take 5 years or more to make. While I would like a long meaningful story with choice and consequence I think DE would have to double in size and have a team that just does that because it would be like making an expansion for an ongoing MMO and we also expect frequent mini-updates too.

  18. Aye, you posted this video on the day of my dad’s death…

  19. I actually never did bounties for rep, I just hunted and mined

  20. I would prefer quick reworks to existing systems and I wouldn't really mind if they take time on updates. Cause I want new content to be polished.2 decent small updates plus 1 or 2 major update is good enough for me.

  21. i would love to see more places to skate. I also think they should have blocked the archwings. Because the archwings let you bypass the whole hover board enjoyment. Which includes exploring the landscape up close and personal. And like you said, having a BUNCH more quests and quest locations would be great and amazing. If you dont want people to forget about POE, just make sure stuff from POE will help you in Venus. Last. I think Venus room 69 should be a perma available room. Lets face it , everyone tries to get in there and keep it up already.

  22. 15:35 Tell that to CohhCarnage

  23. As you mentioned; Fortuna is a large, beautiful, open world area that's hard to argue it's not. In that same aspect, I feel it's just an expanded PoE with snow! The repetition is almost the exact same with the bounties and similar types, mining, and fishing. I actually only played Fortuna for about three days before the burnout set in. I really tried hard to like it, but the repetition tho. DE is a great company that should have the talent to switch it up a bit more than just following the same thing as last time because it worked. It's seems like they will have a good idea, start working on it, have another good idea, then abandon the first one to work on the current one. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I'm ranting because I think I'm so burned out that whatever they do is not good enough because I know they can do better! Also, they need to stop overhyping things that it doesn't live up to it once released; and it be short as hell. I hope everyone else have fun playing Fortuna, I'm going to play something else until enough content is accumulated to keep me preoccupied for more than a week.

    I know you all love the company, but stop being kissasses praising every little thing they do! Almost everyone in their Twitch streams acts as if DE is a god or something. If DE is given some real meaningful criticism, they could weed out the crap, and give us a good game full of good content! I'm not directing this at anyone specific, but if you got offended by this then………

  24. I’m pretty happy with it because as much as I want to play those high level missions and activities I’m getting back into the game and I don’t really have time to do all the stuff you’re talking about.

  25. I think it’s going to be a sort of backwards hype train type thing, it starts quiet and goes off in a bang.

  26. When a company releases often, and fast, rushing things like a open world, Destiny happens, and Destiny STILL has things missing. And if you want a good open world with tons of crap, and that fixes the end game, that would take years. Fast updates aren't compatible for what you asking for without employs working till 3:00am every day, that's not good for anybody. So think about what you ask, and what it would take.

  27. mogamu's voice sounds like he is eating all the time.Good content though.

  28. I find the update meh, the quests and what you do in the world are too boring

  29. Still not out for ps4… trash

  30. just wish it had more quests though, along with in cetus; I do like the fact that I can just use k-drive whenever I want unlike the odonata which I have to craft things in foundry.

  31. i haven't played it yet

  32. They pushed this out "early" so they can start doing more frequent updates like you said. They dish out hollow updates and then frequently patch it up to make it feel worthwhile. I just wish these large investments of time would be towards less casual grinding content and more towards end game/team centric content. I keep thinking of the DE interview "You can't push out content for this game as fast as you need to be successful. You will fail"

  33. i wasn't even hyped but it dissapointed me anyways 😀

  34. Before we start talking bout frequent update maybe we should talk about trying to have all platforms have the updates out at the same time (or at least closer). Its really annoying seeing all this stuff about a game you have and you cant play

  35. Its same as poe , boring bounties,fishing,mining, empty open world and plushies ? seriously?? what are we? 10 years old or something?

  36. with the wait time were putting up with for fortuna over here on console. you put it best when you said "the longer we have to wait the more critical we will be" . because my expectations are through the roof at this point.

  37. But one question. Is it fun to play?

  38. As a Gamer, I am seeing what I always see. I do it as well. We expect to much. We want a Full plate of food instead of the crash diet. When Developers give you a small piece of the pie you actually want the whole thing. You're not happy with just a nice slice of it. Sadly to be honest we as Gamers are greedy AF.

  39. I'd probably waited till Fortuna's second content update came in before reviewing it

  40. It's not on console so I don't give a damn anymore I can't believe I was so hyped for this shit and I am never hyped for anything hardly damn you DE damn you

  41. To be honest I've stopped playing because I'll wait for Fortuna part 2 coming out this month.

  42. dawg looking at venus makes me fucking cold

  43. Mogamu right, with all the new main charters side quest, should be a thing so much they can do with there open world maps… but can the pc take their creativity. I would ask them, but I have no Idea how to do that. XD

  44. Too bad I still haven't experienced fortuna.

  45. comparing this game to fortnite in regards to updates..lol it doesn't have the complexity warframe does.. Warframe just does so many things at once..

  46. I don't think you know what you are talking about Mogamu… Fortnite isn't a good example of quick releases as those releases doesn't change the gameplay, but the strategy of it, and Fortuna does change a lot of strategies, not enough, but a lot. I think you choose a very bad example as there are a lot of wrong things in those comparisons, and the first one is to compare a PvE game with a PvP… The second comparing a 2 years old game with one with 5 years and demand "new things" to do… is easier for the new one.

    And the worst part is the comparison of Warframe Landscapes with Open Worlds maps… How much time do you spend in those games doing the side missions? Because is not that much and even if you do it for the sake of doing it… how much time do you spend in general? 80 hours? 120hours? 400 hours? Now… let's compare 4 years of work of one of those games with this last 4 years of Warframe… Now tell me, how many hours? is not how much activities you can do but the quality of them, and that's why all open-world games fail a lot and are hated a lot, because the only reason why they create them is to force people to spend more time in their stupid maps and spend money on the DLCs.

    Mogamu… this comparison reminds me of the time when you compared Warframe with Netflix…

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