DIRECTIONS from San Jose to La Fortuna/Arenal

DIRECTIONS from San Jose to La Fortuna/Arenal

[ad_1] Hey guys, Im DAngelo from and today I have another travel tip for you todays travels tip is going to be about transportation. More specifically driving transportation driving from San Jose, Costa Rica all the way up here to the La Fortuna area, which is home to the Arenal Volcano, which is constantly erupting, which is why most of you come out here in hopes to see lava. So, if we can zoom on in to this map Ill walk you through on how to get from San Jose to La Fortuna.
As you can see San Jose is down here and up here to the north is the Arenal Volcano and right next to the Arenal Volcano is the town of La Fortuna which well be headed to today. Now, Costa Ricas not really known for their street names for instant if you look at this map here this main road that well be taking out of San Jose On one map it will be called the Inner-American highway, and on another map it might be called the Pan-American highway, and on a third map it will be labeled highway #1. So, for reference for this video and so you can fallow along better regardless to what map you have Im not going to label any of the roads that are on the map, and Im just going to let you know as far as how many miles to a certain point or the towns youll be passing through now the drive from San Jose to La Fortuna is anywhere from 2.5 hours to 3 hours. Now Id recommend if possible to drive to La Fortuna in the morning, because later in the late afternoon and early evening those roads have been known to have heavy fog which reduces your visibility tremendously. Umm also there are three different routes to get to La Fortuna from San Jose so Ill be going through all three routes.

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  1. Hey thanks for the video. Which route is safest for driving in early July? Do you recommend 4×4 drive for all routes?

  2. Can you use a GPS for this?

  3. Hey wanted to say thanks again for the driving advice. Truly paid off. You were right on with what to expect .gracias otra vez y Pura Vida!

  4. hey just wanna say :Gracias for all your videos they have been really useful. Planning a trip in two weeks and heading to La Fortuna. Just wanna say Gracias por todo!

  5. How much is gas (USD equivalent)??

  6. Quality is going up +1 😀

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