Dragon Emblem Jackpots Slot — BIG WIN RETRIGGER BONUS!

Dragon Emblem Jackpots Slot — BIG WIN RETRIGGER BONUS!

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In the style of Lucky O’Leary Jackpots and similar games, Konami extends the basic style with this title, with a common bonus trigger feature: you need at least 3 but can trigger with up to 6 bonus symbols, with a maximum of 2 bonus symbols in reels 2, 3, and 4 only.

Once triggered, you are awarded 8 free games with additional top symbols added in the reels and the amount will depend on how many symbols you triggered the bonus with:
3 symbols: 55
4 symbols: 91
5 symbols: 139
6 symbols: 241

During the Bonus, before or after a spin, the special «Dragon Emblem Feature» may occur, where a random number of top symbols are spread across the reels to help you land that Big Win or Jackpot.

Progressives are awarded by landing at least 1 Blue or Red dragon symbol on at least 3 reels. If the colors are mixed, you are awarded the Mini Progressive. If all red, the Maxi progressive and if all Blue, the Major progressive.

All in all, a lot of fun with this one, and maybe one day that 6-symbol trigger will come my way, Enjoy!

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  1. Great job as always!

  2. Do It!!!!!

  3. Come on!!!

  4. Man you had WAY better luck in the bonus than I did. I 've had a few on this machine, none of which were over 10x, I finally gave up on it. Huge potential though, awesome!

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  6. That was really nice game by friend!! I tried it once, the bonus paid well for me. .

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  17. Great session as usual my man! Keep em coming!

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  19. What is ThE diffrent To blue and normal dragons


  21. Nice! I'm sure I would have backed out before you did. Good thing you stuck at it. Thanks for sharing the win.

  22. This is my favorite game ever for this reason!! Thanks for sharing it!!

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  31. I hope you DOMINATE this game. Good Luck!!!

  32. Very Nice Bonus!!

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