Dragon Emblem Slot Machine MAX BET HUGE Win | Gold Stack Slot Machine $6.80 Max Bet Bonus

Dragon Emblem Slot Machine MAX BET HUGE Win | Gold Stack Slot Machine $6.80 Max Bet Bonus

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  1. Hey NG! You're lucky they don't have a 'Micro-Mini'… lol Dan & Kristin

  2. Mini loves me. Lol. You are like me just give me major forget grand. Lol. I hope you get the major

  3. The dragons love you that's what Mr Peter Always said. Good luck my friend we love you. Thank you for sharing your awesome videos. Blessings to you Always

  4. Show me the power of your bonus!!!!!

  5. Hello I like your videos good luck my friend

  6. Lol ur so funny too!

  7. Enjoy your videos thank u! Nice wins here!

  8. When it is too high for proper recording, can’t you try to change your phone to the upright position? Could do the trick.

  9. He shouldnt have quit…it was about to retrigger…i promise!

  10. I go to Pechanga casino too, would be nice to run into you man


  12. Great job NG. Love your videos .

  13. Thumbs up, awesome video. Keep em coming NG.

  14. fantastic wins

  15. I noticed you play at Pechanga a lot have you try Pala casino or valley view? They are smaller casino but the pays better.

  16. That first game paid out great for a $3 bet.. that was an awesome bonus! Nice hits!!

  17. That Dragon Emblem Bonus was Great! He sure came out and helped with all those extra dragons! Fun Video!!!

  18. NG
    What casino or state you normally play everyday? Hope to see or meet you someday. Thanks for you video play to entertain us (Texans) who can only play several times a year w/o going out of State. Good luck my friend…and it's good to hear some happiness in your voice.

  19. Mini jackpots love NG! Lol


  21. Don't forget to hit the like and subscribe for NG Great videos daily nice session NG good wins too congrats all the best of luck for the next game

  22. Awesome the mini challenge brother lol god bless and have a great day

  23. You’re the best NG watching you play has become my daily fix, now when I go to the casino I’m saying “show me the power of your bonus”

  24. Great Dragon alignments on the Dragon Emblem which gave the huge win, congrats!

  25. Good job NG so happy to see you Win Big it's your lucky day hope you have a great day.

  26. My favorite game dragon emblem jackpots they took it out of my local casino as well as wd2 unfortunately can't play them lately havnt been doing good on konami games time to move to others great video

  27. The dragons are your friend!! Love this slot! Thanks NG

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