Dragons Deluxe Pokie BIG WIN!!!

Dragons Deluxe Pokie BIG WIN!!!

[ad_1] Playing 5 dragons deluxe on $4.50 hits and get feature plus extra 3 features inside… Something like 54 free spins all up total win of around $1800… Enjoy 🙂 [ad_2]

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  1. Can’t watch you are shaking the camera all over the place

  2. can't believe you went red then blue and red again

  3. This is my favorite machine to lose all my cash in, i once got 5 fish 3x in the same feature on $3 hits

  4. alot of people would kill for that many free games sets man :/ why "oh noo"

  5. $4.50 dang! I haven't bet anything higher than $3.00, I walked away with $380 from putting in only $15. Yay! My new addiction lol…

  6. That's not a big win

  7. yes

  8. 3:27 sounds like you were getting a blowjob

  9. Mystery!!!

  10. lol @ big win i  keep getting stogged into watching these so called big win vidoes fuk i would of given u 2.5k to get off the fucken machine

  11. Lol, film the coin return after hitting take win. That would be awesome to see.

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  13. I hate dickheads that say Oh , oh no when they hit a feature. If you dont want it walk the fuck off the machine 

  14. 777 slot

  15. How u can take foto in side casi o

  16. Wow good on you. Did you lose abit first then started wining. Poker machines are hard to play and take your money lol.

  17. I would have gone 25 games on the last feature  @ $4.50 I'd milk it for all it's worth LOL well done.

  18. not that big I won $4700.00 on a pokie  at treasury casio.

  19. green or yellow or go home!

  20. What casino was this?

  21. oh no? what a kunt

  22. Lucky cunt!

  23. ye once i won similar to you but i was scared to record only took a picture basically i only bet 60 c and 5 fish gold sub, 4 birds mystery x 30 and i got 2 blue dragons 5 features all together that day

  24. Agree…go high volatility or don't bother on this game.

  25. I would have picked 6 games also on the last spin, if you had hit something big you would have been laughing, plus you already had $1800 so nothing to lose.

  26. Truly an awesome win. Congrats!!

  27. go green

  28. lol i like how u said o well at the end lmfao!

  29. Imagine if you hit gamble and got the wrong card and lost it all lol, or if you made it $2500 lol

  30. lol i just seen that hit collect and u looked down waitin for coins LOLOLOL

  31. omg make me sick watching u. FUCKING click on the Gold dragon Damnit

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