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Dragon's Fire Megaways: Big Win! Massive Online Slot Win £2 Stake

Dragon's Fire Megaways: Big Win! Massive Online Slot Win £2 Stake

[ad_1] So just a few days ago whilst attempting to beat wagering, we hit a beautiful win on Dragon’s Fire Megaways! We had been varying the stake from £2 all the way up to £5, depending on the volatility of the game. And I was right that you don’t need to be on the very highest stake for Dragons Fire Megaways to pay a big win! Stay tuned over the next few weeks to find out if we made it through the wagering, or come and join us on Twitch to be totally up to date with the slots!

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19 комментариев

  1. Well in Will. Get your meatballs out for the lads!

  2. Fucking click it!!!! OMG I was getting angry. Lol FFS. I skip through so much of your videos because you don't click it. If it's going quick then fair enough but if it's going like that just click it. WOW, FUCKING CLICK IT. ☺

  3. nice win! sure ive heard that spicy meatball from another youtuber i watch

  4. Nice one mate. Pleased 4 ya !!

  5. It’s not going to be huge one lol …pig wizard pays more

  6. Impressive!

  7. Then I put 4K through this and hit £64 at 2 n £4 stakes

  8. monster spicy meetballs

  9. 1 thousand six hundred and twenty five X __And You Guessed It__Spicy meatballs

  10. Would like to watch his videos all the time but he's too much for me

  11. You are absolutely hysterical, you never fail to make me laugh!! Hopefully all these big wins your do more videos

  12. well no bad feelings but im watching you for a long time and in most of your videos at the start you were losing like 9 out of 10 videos that i was feeling bad about that and i was like please give that guy some wins but i was thinking ok thats gambling 1 you win 10 you loose!!! but suddenly you are winning at 8 out of your 10 videos . i want to believe that its lady luck finaly showing you her face but i doubt it…..its a pity cause iwas thinking you were the only geneuine player but now you are just like other streamers showing massive wins and is on your face and reactions you win 3k and ok its a win.. before soem months winning 300 hundred euros and you were going crazy.

  13. Love it when you get a big win so deserved hope the luck stays with you ☘️

  14. Verry nice playmoney win!!

  15. Class. Love seeing you win mate.
    Excellent this.

  16. Well done mate would like to see you do one of you’re older vids where you play out scenes and be different characters. They were hilarious!

  17. Did you make wager?

  18. You are great to watch. So much energy it’s brilliant. Good luck in future

  19. Well done son

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