Dragons Treasure HIGH Stake bonuses….BIG WIN???

Dragons Treasure HIGH Stake bonuses….BIG WIN???

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  1. Dude you are so greedy, asking for more more more more, while winning big


  3. Look at me I deserve a retrigger because I bet big

  4. 1x bonus win … Should be a record.

  5. he must have unlimited funds

  6. so you won like 6.5k pounds off 200 and lost it all?

  7. Your win changes from $360 down to $270 at the end of your first 10 spins….

  8. You cant continue to bet like you do without it all going belly up. Its prob more the stress and worry of gambling that keeps you up not your kids. You know yourself the casino always wins in the end

  9. hope everything is ok Paul and look forward to the next time <3 ®

  10. On the first bonus your balance kept going down mate the first retrigger took 90£ off ur balance then the second payed you 90£ lol there was a few other times it went down aswell mate

  11. People seem proud to tell you their "fucked up life from gambling" story, it's pathetic. Most people ME included have had to deal with gambling bullshit, but why The fuck would i want to broadcast it? I keep that shit private.

  12. Fuck the haters Paul

  13. nice video Paul , I understand your reasons , I used to go hide away sit away from the family just so I could spend some money on casinos , I had a problem , lost my bond with the kids and my Mrs, family first , yes I do still do the casinos but limited to when I'm alone and do small stakes , small deposits , double my money I withdraw straight away , family is so important and I'm sure like myself your fans will wait to see if you return , maybe a new series , PENNY SLOTS, haha , turning 20 30 quid into a few hundred , people would still watch maybe more as it's more realistic stakes for the average Joe !!! see you later Paul take care have fun with the family 🙂

  14. Really wouldn't be surprised if all those "Internal Server Errors" were down to the technicians at provider interrupting big wins.

  15. morning rolla. nice video mate one day that little shit will drop massive for you. such a pain in the ass its a bastard to bonus on most occasions ? could rip the balance with out hitting any thing at all. go for a video like dead or alive but get a massive deposit in and huge matched bonus . much love mate

  16. At 8:23, you had 810 in bonus money, and you got the error. Then you got back after the error and you only had 710? wtf

  17. At 8:00 you have a win of 690 but next spin you win and goes down to 460, i'm confused

  18. When you lost connection and it came back you were missing 100$ from your winnings

  19. Hope you ain't lost loadsa cash mate, take it easy mate

  20. Did you all not see how the casino cheated him? More than 3 times the winnings went down instead of up!!! Wtf!

  21. 2:51 (spin 27) you have £1080… 3:01 (spin 28) you have £1005… WTF CASINO!?

  22. Do what you have to mate. 🙂

  23. Did you withdraw the 4k or play it down to 200?

  24. Why do you guys think he's lost ? The part where he wins 1560£ was at 12pm and the last bit showing he was on 200£ was at 11am.

  25. Guts website is shocking service is absolutely shit

  26. Hmmm … first set of free spins , free spins number 22 jumped to 24 , and balance went from 750£ to 1050£ , spins number 25 jumped to 26.
    And there was a malfunction where only one dude showed up but getting paid for two dudes. Balance has bug, it happen sometimes.
    I thought this is merkur games not blueprint ?

  27. pls can u stop going for same symbol lmfao, why not try the sword or something?

  28. I don't get it, @8:22 you have 810 pounds right. Then it comes up with that message across the board and freezes. Then returns to game, same amount of spins remaining, yet it took 100 pounds from your win total to leave you at 710?

  29. Wow only £1570 of a £10 spin that's an epic fail.

  30. Hey Paul what was with the win balance in the middle part of the video it kept chopping and changing in the bonus, couldn't figure out what you were winning in the bonus. Side note looking forward to your next stream whenever they may be. Take care

  31. Got 3 in the end , 5 must be insane!

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