Dread VS Rakta Cernos (Comparison) — The Best Bow (Warframe Gameplay)

Dread VS Rakta Cernos (Comparison) — The Best Bow (Warframe Gameplay)

[ad_1] Dread VS Rakta Cernos (Comparison) — The Best Bow (Warframe Gameplay)

The topic of Best Bow in Warframe has always been a bit of a heated debated with two weapons constantly popping-up, The Dread and The Rakta Cernos.

To that effect today we will be punting these outstanding weapons head to head in a series of build tests.
Through-out all test the Stalker’s weapon of choice has constantly performed jut a little bit better than the Rakta Cernos. The Red Veil bow does have an ace up its sleeve however, in the form of a syndicate proc which can make it a bit more favorable than the Dread.

Everything considered these are two of the best bows in the game an you can’t exactly go wrong with either but the victor from my point of view and unofficial Best Bow in the game is the Dread.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Have you considered doing some warframe build? Even with some specific builds for certain mission (defense,ESO,Arbitrations,Eidolon Hunt etc.)

  2. I would really like to see arca plasmor Vs Corinth Lenz Vs Zarr or vectis prime Vs rubico prime

  3. Dread is the strongest bow in the game, However Rakta Cernos is the best bow in the game… OFCOURSE EXCLUDING Lenz

  4. Nice work Leyzar! I only use one bow when I have to.

  5. Dual toxocyst vs knell?

  6. And subscribed. Definitely loving your videos. Very detailed and friendly. As well as mentioning the flaws of each weapons.

    I know this could be strange since I'm one of the few lovers for a certain scythe weapon.

    A Hate Build? It's my favorite scythe.

  7. Paris prime master race

  8. Any chance u could do a arca titron vs jat kittag, its an ongoing debate in my clan atm lol

  9. Daikyu is the winner.

  10. laughs in lenz

  11. You should do attica vs nagantaka vs zhuge

  12. Can you do a video on Mutalist Cernos ?

  13. Hmm.. i really want to try out but i dont hve mods on argon scope n those rivens since my luck on warframe are realy shiet. But i'll try improvise around with wht i have. Very informative vid btw, keep it up!!!

  14. Rakta cernos will be better after impact get buff

  15. We need a Miter and Panthera comparison (and separate Miter vid as well).

  16. I use rakta just because it is harder to get making the use of it more satisfying and its fun to shoot arrows as fast as a pistol with all attack speed mods xD

  17. Im super biased to the Dread, my first official weapon I built and put time into. Got a riven for it when they first came out; 140% Critical chance, 80% critical damage, 50% multi shot, 23% ammo maximum. These are all +s too, and I looooovveeee ittt!

  18. Cernos prime best bow, unless you count lenz

  19. Can you do more gunpla

  20. You should have done the cernos prime too. The vertical fire mode allows multiple headshots when fired at a close enemy, and you get more chances to bleed with hunter munitions.

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