Dream Big, Win Bigger with Jeff Seid

Dream Big, Win Bigger with Jeff Seid

[ad_1] Jeff Seid takes us through his life, fitness, nutrition and how to win business. July 2017 issue is now available. Download your copy at follow us on Instagram at [ad_2]

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  1. whip it out

  2. Song pleassssss

  3. Dream Big!

  4. Song name is vibe with me

  5. Song name?

  6. Now that Olympia is done, and I couldn't even crack the top 15, I moved back to LA with my tails between my legs…..yawn

  7. Which protein shake do you use to make body?

  8. Someone know the Backround music ?????

  9. He is my number 16

  10. steroids ???

  11. Ma name s JEFF

  12. perfect

  13. The most important thing is to… Say "Bruh" every 60 seconds.

  14. He looks soft

  15. Great tips!  Nice to help beginners out, well done… you've come far and should be proud.  Keep it up!

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