€12.920 Mega Big WIN | Roshtein

€12.920 Mega Big WIN | Roshtein

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  1. если кто не в курсе то этот чувак фантокрут

  2. Your right when you said “this isn’t real”. Thanks for finally admitting to everyone your a FAKE

  3. Homo gay

  4. all stupid kids say this is not really a never look stream, today win 20 000eu shup up

  5. realy nice !

  6. Crazy win

  7. Fake

  8. Sure 100% that he don't play with his money. ¿Bet 100?jajaja

  9. Nice win! Is this game hard to bonus on free play?

  10. Nice win

  11. Damn is he a fag!

  12. ANOTHER FAKE WIN. Dogshit and embarrassing.

  13. New YouTube record on my channel!!

  14. Metti i soldi veri coglionazzo…..e poi vincere 10k con 100 euro signiica che giocavi a 1 euro e vincevi 100 euro….coglionazzo! Che cazzo ci vuole…..coglionazzo

  15. …fake win….

  16. FAKE come te figlio di puttana!!!

  17. there he is the fakest piece of shit , everybody knows your overacting you cunt

  18. 120x Win is not real?? Did I miss something

  19. here he is again…the best actor in human history

  20. Bearded clown.You spin slots in your casino and wonder.Spin for real money.You fucking Papuan.

  21. like he says in the video this is not real, just play money

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