€19500 MEGA BIG WIN | Reactoonz | Roshtein

€19500 MEGA BIG WIN | Reactoonz | Roshtein

[ad_1] €19500 MEGA BIG WIN | Reactoonz | Roshtein [ad_2]

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  1. wow

  2. Even fakes a nut shot….

  3. Fake reaction. Fake money.

  4. Stfup faker. Gambling sponsered by the sites.

  5. Still can’t understand why this guy is still allowed to upload and stream. He’s a fake. From a scam casino. He’s been caught out more than once and yet still Continues. Fuck off to the rock you climbed under from you fake ass cunt.

  6. makes out he is winning 19k when it's casinos money and not his I hate this cunt may this addiction kill him the fake cunt

  7. Utter fake shit. Probably the worst affiliate online. Guilty in the past of pinching footage. Just drivel

  8. why you still show fake ROSH with fake money?

  9. To bad its not real money

  10. Fakish shit I've ever seen whybdont you play with real money and stop scamming every body roshtein

  11. fakestein

  12. Over reacting with fake money win, that should be the title

  13. 19466:- not 19500:-

  14. Roštejn Tentokrat.No big deal.

  15. dog biting the nuts makes this video

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