Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks Game Preview | BIG WIN Could Tie Oilers For Playoff Spot

Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks Game Preview | BIG WIN Could Tie Oilers For Playoff Spot

[ad_1] Tonight’s Hockey Day in Canada game against the San Jose Sharks is a huge one for the Edmonton OIlers. The game is much bigger than Oilers vs Sharks, as the Oilers could tie for a playoff spot if everything goes right elsewhere! Here’s today’s Edmonton Oilers game preview on Dolynny TV!
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  1. Here’s some nice math.

    With Ottawa winning today, EDM is 6 points out of last place in NHL.

    If St Louis wins even one of their two games in hand, EDM will be 6 points out of the last playoff spot as well.

    This is a team with $71M already committed to the cap next year:

  2. unfortunately playoffs "out of sight" now…. and teams ahead have games in hand which doesn't help. Still a chance though for sure, just not as likely now.

  3. If we win I'll sell my house and move into Roger's Place. There's some hope for the team if we make the right deadline moves and can get the rest of the boys to start playing like they want to win

  4. All hands on deck… a chain's only as strong as its weakest link… gotta give it 110% for 60 minutes… it's not over 'till the fat lady sings… annnnd… get the puck on the net.

    I'm all clichee'ed out…

    Just win FFS!!!

  5. I’m never cheering for the lames

  6. I’m so happy klefbom back

  7. and if they lose they will likely be 6 or 8 points out by the time they play their next game against the penguins.

  8. Àlthough a win would be the ultimate if we were to play a solid go for broke exciting game, kinda like we did against minnisota making it then two in a row would be huge . It allows for the team to hold thier heads high and be proud to be who they are and this builds confidence, somethimg the team has been sorely lacking
    Bring on the playoffs.

  9. !!!!!!

  10. Just imagine if the oilers didn’t go on that losing streak

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