Epic Buffalo Grand Mega Big Win

Epic Buffalo Grand Mega Big Win

[ad_1] I have never hit a 10X multiplier before and let alone this many!!! It was insane seeing them all come up!!! [ad_2]

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  1. No grand at all click bait.

  2. It seems to be the machine has been set up for big win…that's not random. Where is this?

  3. "We just want people to stay here on planet Earth now".

  4. awesome!!!!

  5. Wow. Nice win on a 75cents bet! Congrats.

  6. Way to go buddy that was awesome to watch

  7. $565 is a “mega win”?

  8. Awesome!!

  9. I missed the epic part

  10. For .75 cents, that IS a big win.

  11. Show me the Buffalo s

  12. I've never even had a minor with a multiplier and you get two of them with a 10x in a row…..I give up lmao. Amazing. To boot you all this on Min bet which is really freaking hard.

  13. Wow Great Win!! I just Subbed you

  14. glad you think hitting the 'mini' is good…worst prize you can get on there….

  15. That was nuts!

  16. ur 10×ridiculously amazing lol

  17. I wanna see someone land on that grand spin

  18. Send some of that luck my way. I'm going to play the buffalo this weekend

  19. your laugh is annoying wow hohoho omg wow hohohoh omg………

  20. Amazing hit, congrats!

  21. like a sore dick…. You can beat it!

  22. great run. I hate this game and I love to see someone win big on it

  23. Insane x1000.

  24. Just watched this.  Wow and with a .75 bet!  I won $35 with same bet.

  25. wow!!! love the Buffalo!!! those spins were awesome! Good job!!

  26. Wow 10x multiplier back to back to back, awesome win!! Congrats!

  27. Now that was fun to watch

  28. AWSOME 10x multiplier. congratulations man. I was chuckling as u wer laughing with excitement. great vid

  29. Click bait…..You didn't get the grand at all. You got minor and mini.

  30. That was awesome and so fun to watch!

  31. Nice you got to love the multiple 10x's! Way to go congratulations!

  32. Awesome win Ben! lady luck was on your side. 🙂

  33. nice run!!!!

  34. Dayum!

  35. Awesome bonus win!! Congrats!!

  36. Ho Ho Ho! You sound like Santa Claus at Christmas! It was Christmas for you! Awesome video and win! I really enjoyed watching.

  37. Very nice. The win we all try for.

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