EPIC Golden Egypt Marathon! Pays off with a BIG WIN!

EPIC Golden Egypt Marathon! Pays off with a BIG WIN!

[ad_1] Wow! This was definitely a grind, lots of ups and downs along with plenty of teases. I think it was worth it in the end however! Enjoy!!!


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25 комментариев

  1. Do you know why most new slots have 5 reels instead of 3? Because 3 is unlucky in most oriental cultures.

    Also — what is up with the classical music in the background on some of your videos? I actually like it but just wondering.

  2. hey you said something new! " And that was EXHAUSTING" i feel like this isnt real what happened to that was awesome lol

  3. It would of be nice if this slot machine had the song "Walk Like An Egyptian" being played in the background while the bouns is going on.

  4. 200 bucks profit in 30 minutes…there are days i earn less.

  5. Nice….win

  6. Nice….win

  7. When you say not going to call you! I spit my cereal out of my mouth! That was funny as hell! Good video!

  8. Omg..that was like watching the movie A.I. just when you think it's over it goes on for another hour

  9. Best video I've seen on your Channel you play that machine Like A Champion just waiting for that bonus was worth it thumbs up everybody

  10. Nice ending sarah

  11. Almost there

  12. That was too funny. I was beginning to think that the bonus was just a legend, lol

  13. Nice way to end it. Love the singing hehe.

  14. I appreciate the Lambchop reference

  15. Hello my baby

  16. That was exhausting lol

  17. I liked your singing a couple minutes before that nice bonus.

  18. Did you put in new original music at the 5:30 mark that's different from what you've used in the past or was that classical score from somewhere else? Side note, I like it 🙂

  19. So Happy You got the bonus in the end. I shouted at my computer when it hit. Good Luck to You!!!. Cheers

  20. the guys in this comment section are more thirsty for slotlady than she is for jackpots! ahaha

  21. Congrats Love you sexy lady

  22. You stayed with it, and it finally payed, but that is one boring machine.

  23. Oh my gosh Sarah. I wanted to kick the machine for you! But I’m glad you got something out of it.

  24. 15$ a minute…not bad.

  25. I don't usually watch videos for 30 minutes but I was as frustrated as use and couldn't believe how long it took to get a bonus. At least it was worth the wait.

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