Evangelion pachinko HUGE WIN!

Evangelion pachinko HUGE WIN!

[ad_1] I didn’t record all the jackpots hit in this fever because the clip would have been like two hours. Please subscribe for more!

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  1. Have no idea what's happening but I'd give a like to any evangelion vid as well as to never skip the op

  2. EvangeliOWNED

  3. They really need to add English subs to these machines before the Olympics, imagine how much profit you could make as a machine owner?

  4. How much you win?

  5. which number Evangelion pachinko was this one?

  6. Wow no se que pasa pero esa máquina se ve super divertida

  7. How much did you win ?
    What can the jackpots be ?


  8. I wanted to see the screen while the theme song 🙁

  9. wut did shinji use a sword to fight ×Q×

  10. I played this machine at a Game Center in Hiroshima last year… My first time playing Pachinko and I had NO idea what I was doing. Nice to see what neat stuff can happen when you have a clue!

  11. It's funny how I dont understand what is even happening, but I guess that your thumbs up is enough to explain that you are winning 😀 Those pachinko machines amuse me, but I can't get myself to understand them. Amazing video. Hope you win a lot more 😀

  12. looks like fun

  13. Really love these vids! One question, are the bonus features timing/skill based or is it just random luck?

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