EVERYTHING MAXED OUT on Vikings Unleashed! (BIG WIN?)

EVERYTHING MAXED OUT on Vikings Unleashed! (BIG WIN?)

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Jack maxed out everything on Vikings Unleashed: max bet, max spins and max multiplier. Oh, and also max hype. Getting anything less than a big win is unacceptable at this point! [ad_2]

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  1. Wow how many dead spins x

  2. Wow — Disappointed with 5K. pathetic

  3. Playmoney

  4. Yep … shite

  5. People like you really deserve to suffer.

  6. comeback to youtube god dammit

  7. Just 50x…this could be massive with max max max..

  8. GL <3

  9. I feel, those games are fuckin rigged in the end..once u got ALL the pötenziäle, nothing comes out of it..TOUCHE daskelelelelelelelelelele..:P

  10. FY FAEN 5000€ lets use it as toiletpaper

  11. best max/max is still temple of treasures, go for it jack ^^

  12. 489x to a big win compared to stake boring…..

  13. max max and nothing XD

  14. Wasnt a big win at all look at the stake

  15. What a setup, damn it was "lame" :O

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