Everything Wrong With Orb Heists | Warframe

Everything Wrong With Orb Heists | Warframe

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  1. Archwing cooldown was lowered, still sucks.
    Cutscenes can now be skipped.
    You're welcome.

  2. I'm actually happy

  3. Ask Megan about knockdown and also water too

  4. DK: "fuckin hell."
    now with xmas music!

  5. Stealing another tubers style DING

  6. What a bullshit update XD

  7. Horrible fight, makes eidola feel like something amazing.

  8. Add the fucking toroid farming, hate them.

  9. "Go out there and dig some dirt" > Axi C3 Radiant.
    "Go out there piss off that gigantic robot spider risking your neck and your allies' in the process while I blabber on" > Have a cookie.

  10. Isn't there a primed mod that keeps you from getting knocked down though?

  11. When you're low on content

  12. Roll>knockdown

  13. the name is something wrong

  14. the fight is shit, but also easy, credit drop is affected by cat buff, so i guess i'll rather do spider than another shield disruption hindex

  15. And thats a reason why I play such updates 2-4 weeks AFTER they where released.

  16. I will be coming back to these in like a month. Hope fixed by then

  17. Why dont they just give it a gazillion hp and see how the community kills it? Make it some sort of timed event to see how people react to it and after the feedback release the full version. Invincibility phases and knockdowns are not fun imo

  18. I love Shy's tsundere relationship with Warframe

  19. they should gave us 10 tellurum at least for that hard, thennu know what i get, everything is shitty amount of credit and relic shit

  20. warframe getting sucks, ihate DE

  21. Quite a good ref u got there

  22. I guess I’m gonna get some lunch for konzu

  23. Nice reference haha

  24. Never got to old mate and never will. cant play any of the new content, cant play with the new frame and by the looks of things, i'm kinda glad I didn't even fucking bother.

  25. What about the audio outtakes shy?

  26. Knock down galore isn't balancing the game DE, getting knocked down constantly isn't fun and doesn't make the game more challenging, it makes it annoying and forces you to use certain frames or certain mods that you shouldn't HAVE to use.

  27. Uh, Hystrix doesn’t change its damage type with the different quills. It just forces that specific proc. eg. Ice quills don’t do cold damage, but instead have guaranteed cold procs

  28. i think this can be a regular series now , nice job

  29. Rewards r absolutely garbage!!

  30. Primed sure-footed meta

  31. read the Ra material

  32. This is gold dammit! XD

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