Fallen Angels MEGA BIG BIG HUGE WIN MAX BET Slot Machine Bonus Round + MASSIVE RETRIGGERS Free Games

Fallen Angels MEGA BIG BIG HUGE WIN MAX BET Slot Machine Bonus Round + MASSIVE RETRIGGERS Free Games

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Fallen Angels slot machine by WMS.

$2.50 (Max Bet) bonus round free games / spins with a BIG HUGE WIN!

Video taken at the South Point casino in Las Vegas. [ad_2]

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  1. I saw this game at Soboba (NA casino) a year or so ago, but didn't play it. I wish now I had. I don't really know who has it anymore. You did well — I'm glad for you.

  2. very sexy !

  3. Dude love how you try and will that slot, gotta have you with me in Vegas!!! Keep Winning…..

  4. 4:14 hahahah that laugh in the backround gets me 😀

  5. Nice win at the end ! You sound like Homero Simpson by the way ….

  6. it was huge win

  7. "I'm gonna poop myself… I'm gonna poop myself."

  8. Hey man, just stop the reels. What you're going to get is decided before the thing even spins. Even on those slow re-spinning reels.

  9. haha amazing to hear you yelling and every rebonus and at the big one at the end. but i have to say that with max bet and so many respins 700 is kinda ridiculous. 9 out of ten spins you dont even get a price. but ok nice total win though…

  10. wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!! bravissimo, bellissima slot!!! :DDD

  11. nice win

  12. yar!!!

  13. where is this game at?

  14. 17 dislikes? Really?
    Awesome video & win.

  15. I have question aim from Miami, FL  play a lot of slots become a hobby for me. How long do stay in slot before u pullout if the machine is not giving any wins first 20 or 40 or more
    Thanks Gabe  great videos

  16. Had to come back and watch again ! Love this video and this game is moving up my list of all time favorites !!!!!

    Congrats again man it is awesome baby !

  17. Awesomeeeeeee did you poop urself like you said LMAO! Ur funny.

  18. saved the best for last hahaha soo dirty MIKE

  19. lol you make me happy

  20. "That's what I'm talking about?"


  21. finally at the end. great 

  22. all those retriggers and this machine did nothing… 

  23. where can i find fallen angels machine??

  24. Man, you really needed all 72 of those spins.  And this is like Mystical Unicorn and King of Africa…its top symbol hits or nothing.  Congrats on the win.  So, is this the new you?  Max betting?  Also, you have any problems with recording at South Point?  I play there occasionally and am curious.

  25. Wow that look like a lot of fun! Keep spinning and don't let security shut the video down!!

  26. I bet my ass it is rhino handpay.

  27. good job!! amazing video…. Should continue to play Max bet! BOOOM

  28. Nice win. Love all those retriggers.

  29. Glad you had a great day. Nice to see you win big.

  30. Lmao love the teaser at the end. Excelleny win buddy!

  31. This win is awesome VLR! Great vid to watch from start to end…including the mysterious end 🙂

  32. I was just having a really good couple days — we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming in no time. 😉 And nope, not BK!

  33. LOL. More people are talking about the tease at the end, than this actual win. You need a new sub-channel for VHR! 😀 When did you start betting bigger? Was this after the HP or something? RE: the tease — I thought I heard horses. Black Knight maybe?

  34. Sounded like the Aristocrat "Clicky" when the reels land. Hurry up man, we want to see!

  35. That's awesome!!! Can't wait for you're next vid!! I'm thinking it's probably those new Rhino or Montezuma, maybe? 🙂

  36. Great video!!

  37. So entertaining! Love it. Great bonus and excellent commentary. 🙂

  38. WAY TO GO VLR!!! Great win!!……and what's this HANDPAY!!! I knew you could do it!!
    So now your going to do what DProxima does and tease the shit out of us!! LOL! Congrats VLR can't wait to see the handpay vid!

  39. Oh my gosh vlr. That was amazing. And hand pay is the world ending. Lol congrats sir. Can't wait till next Sunday.

  40. i have to tell you i follow you everyday…you crack me up with the chatter…i talk to my machines too…great hit…

  41. Great bonus! Congrats on your win.

  42. That's amazing!!!

  43. Awesome!!!! I can't wait to see your next video..thanx for sharing.

  44. Nice job! Too bad that (they) it wouldn't loosen the purse strings a little more with all of those free spins.

  45. Wow That was one of the best videos I has seen in a while! Congrats and Thanks for posting HIGHROLLER!!!! BABY!

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