[ad_1] FINALLY — A ‘MEGA BIG WIN’ FOR MOM & ME!!! ** ‘CIRQUE De MASQUERADE’ ** BRENT SLOTS!!! Sorry for the rant at the beginning, but I’M GOING TO DO SLOT VIDEOS THE WAY I WANT TO DO THEM. Or at least TRY! 🙂 ENJOY!!

I often go to LAS VEGAS CASINOS to gamble and play the SLOT MACHINES, hoping for BIG WINS!!! But, as we all know with SLOT MACHINES, getting a JACKPOT ain’t easy. Hell, getting a SUPER BIG WIN ain’t easy!!! At some point, we’re just hoping for a BONUS. Usually a «handpay» strikes on a slot machine when you are least expecting it! So enjoy the slot videos, and have FUN!!!!

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You can find those wins here:

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  1. Hey Brent, great video! Is that at Miami Valley by chance? Do they allow video there?

  2. sort videos are great!!! My other channel "miAim the improvised line" we specalise in short, fun, informative videos on music improvisation… usually 5-8 mins, but there are a couple that are 10 — 12 min.

  3. lol You crack me up Brent, short videos are indeed OK! Some would say they would even help your channel… 🙂

  4. Well that was a nice first bonus spin! 🙂 (One year I filled the screen with the Top Symbol for a Jackpot, before my video days!)

  5. Wow! That's how to start a Bonus! Get that almost 400x locked up on the first spin and just hope for more! It looked like it was going to do it again on that last spin! Very Fun Video!

  6. Love your vids Brent! When will you be back in Arizona?

  7. Love the new intro! Sticking with Wizard of Oz. Very cool seeing you with your mom. Great win! Watched your channel for a long time. Back to the basics IS where it's at! Agree with everything you said, and it's so nice to see you uploading again.

  8. Do what you love. The rest is back ground noise.

  9. Nice Brent love it unlike all these thirsty bitches. Love ya

  10. Good win and honestly I love these shorter videos so much better!

  11. Preach! You do you that's why we love you by the way nice win ❤

  12. "To Hell With It"….ha ha … loved your rant…….nice win, btw!!

  13. Brent, think you're great. So funny and passionate. If you ever make it to Winstar in OK, I will gladly go partners with you. And your Mom is so sweet, too.

  14. I love it when people are themselves. Glad you found your nitch. We enjoy your content, keep sharing.

  15. Um, can you, and your mom carpool with me and my parents across the river to play slots while we talk about BB…oh and Vietnam Kitchen is almost always the pre-slot meal. Sunday afternoon togetherness. That's Sunday church.

  16. Very nice!!

  17. Just stopping by to say hello good to see your videos

  18. Brent, you have enough of a following that your videos will do well based on your current fan base. You might miss out some being on recommended lists due to the youtube 10 minute nonsense, but don't worry about it. People that want to watch your videos will find a way to watch your videos without youtube shoving it in their face. Upload whatever the hell you want at any duration, we'll be here. Love ya.

  19. You were very good in the Staircase


  21. on a .40 bet great win

  22. Awesome win congrats! Hope to see you in the casinos around town again.

  23. I love whatever you post: long, short, win, lose, whatever! Your commentary and written comments are a hoot! Congratulations a a great win with your Mom!

  24. Nice win!! On $.40!
    Whoo hoo..good one

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