First Glance: Fortuna Spiderlons (Spider Bosses — Warframe)

First Glance: Fortuna Spiderlons (Spider Bosses — Warframe)

[ad_1] In this sneak peek we’ll look at locations, get to see each boss itself, and even get a glance at the Exploiter Orb’s current attacks.

Spiderlon 1: Profit Taker Orb
Spiderlon 2: Exploiter Orb
Spiderlon 3: ¿¿??

Do you agree with my guess as to the location and identity of the third Spiderlon? Let us know what you’ve discovered yourself below! #WeAllLiftTogether

Special note: even though we see Exploiter Orb’s current attacks, it is highly likely that he will be far more complex of an encounter with much more devastating attacks later. This is simply his current setup in game today (11-9-2018). [ad_2]

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  1. So that's where the third orb is hiding. I've been exploring orb vallis and I didn't even notice it.

  2. That last spider is just havin a jacuzzi

  3. why does everyone call them spiders its obvious they are ticks

  4. theres another else where

  5. We can't hear you. Speak louder

  6. I would like something similar they showed with Railjack. Part of the team takes over a corpus base and prepares for an orbital strike while the other part uses a scanner to spot the target. Different strikes for different parts while the spotting team is also trying to stay alive. Might be something to make solos impossible.

  7. have to work on the audio, is way too low

  8. i think you need to lure them into one of those beacon safe zones that you capture and then from there his shields would maybe drop because when you take over the safe zones the enemies dont actually spawn there so there might be interference

  9. I dont know why but i had Boltor Prime and i started shooting its legs and it dealt some dmg to its Shields… Maybe a Bug ???

  10. i dont think these are going to replace the flying eidolon DE Promised. after all in the last devstream someone asked about it and geoff said that its nearly done.

  11. There are quite a few things you can interact with in the facilities, DE said it would require teamwork and subterfuge to take these down, I'd imagine someone would need to interact with certain things in certain orders to bypass the shields.

  12. Cute momma spider.

  13. imma bring mag to get the ads clear with her counter pulse since it causes an explositon on shielded units and guess which units are shielded

  14. any one else get the feeling ya gotta destroy its shield with a emp or bursa ?

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