Fort Knox Cleopatra Slot — HUGE WIN, MAX BET!

Fort Knox Cleopatra Slot — HUGE WIN, MAX BET!

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Sporting beautiful graphics in a sleek cabinet, this version of Cleopatra hits the right marks with respect to graphic design and animation. Fans of the original Cleopatra will recognize the theme although there are a number of different enhancements in this game.

The first item to recognize is that there are 5 bet levels, and each one activates the «Upgrade Feature» which transforms Wild symbols into Multiplier Wild symbols when they land on a reel. Each bet level adds a reel to this feature from left to right, with Max Bet fully activating all reels, giving you an advantage for playing at that level!

The «Wild Feature» may be randomly activated for any spin where the Upgrade Feature does not occur. In other words, this feature will only occur if your spin were not to contain any wilds. During the Upgrade Feature, random reels are selected and wilds are placed on them, giving you a shot at that Big Win or Jackpot!

The Free Spins Bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more bonus symbols for 10 free games with the chance for retriggers! Unlike traditional Cleopatra, all wins are NOT multiplied by 3 but each spin will either have a better chance at the Upgrade Feature or Wild Feature. In a perverse sense, you ironically want each spin to NOT contain wilds, which would give you a shot at having the Wild Feature activated, which definitely is more valuable overall!

The Fort Knox Bonus may be triggered randomly or by landing 3 or more symbols with the special Fort Knox symbol superimposed on them. During this bonus, you Pick until you match 3 for a Progressive level although you also can find Boost symbols which increase all Progressives once certain levels are breached. If you breach all levels, you are awarded the Top Progressive! The Picks in this feature are not «fair» but it’s still fun, and while you will land the Copper level most often, Jackpots can occur as Albert can attest to:


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  1. Hey thebigpayback is this cleopatra at miami valley gaming just wondering… thats my local casino if so and cool to see all the wins on it. My brother put in atleast 300 betting all around and couldnt hit a thing

  2. Ran $600 through this damn thing at $6 and got a whole 102 spins out of the deal. Managed to get the Mini on my second to last spin for a whole $9.

  3. you talk way way to much just play the damm machine !!!

  4. Where was the "huge win"

  5. That game is awesome! I wanna play it

  6. OMG.

  7. Another great video!

  8. I like watching your channel because there is no insane swearing and weirdness. Thank you! Good luck always.

  9. After watching your video I played Cleo at $6.00 max bet. I had the spin once which was so fun and Fort Knox 4 times but won no more than the minor. I'm going to go back and try again. The "free spins" are so cool!

  10. Wawwwww

  11. Just don't play at the indian casino's in Arizona. I haven't won a hand pay since 2015. Rarely hit bonuses. Boring.

  12. Trash game

  13. im back went on vacation thats wierd i just played that game first spin bonus nice sessinon though

  14. Amazing job. But no progressive on any game should be less than the freaking bet!

  15. Awesome game and win Big payback, congrats!

  16. Great win! Love seeing the game finally kick down after a "progressive" bonus less than your bet!

  17. Fantastic little run on this one!!! It seems to be either feast or famine so glad you got to feast!!!! TYFS

  18. Awesome! Which cleo slot do you prefer?

  19. Congrats on those great hits & super video. Luv watching them.

  20. Great hit, congrats!

  21. Is that a older game? I have never seen it before.

  22. Wow that session was insane!

  23. The old Cleo never did me well, but I wanna try this version next trip! Nice bonuses! Love first spin bonuses!

  24. Awesome!

  25. Luck was on your side! Great wins

  26. Why do you always pick in the same pattern? Or if it's between 2 or 3 things you always pick right? Just curious lol

  27. Wow that sure was an awesome win! Congrats

  28. Loved this video! Would've loved to see what happens if you get a symbol with a siren on all 5 reels! I noticed it made a noise each time, which gives off the impression that there is another feature.

  29. Awesome wins. I'll have to give it a try next time I go.

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