Fortuna Amp Overview

Fortuna Amp Overview

[ad_1] Hey guys, this is just a quick overview of the new Amp parts that came out with Fortuna part 2. I guarantee it WILL change your life or your money back. Hopefully you’ll find it useful in understanding the new parts and whats good about them. I also briefly cover the new amps builds for Eidolons. If you have any questions about something I covered or if I missed something please let me know in the comments. Current as of 24.2.14

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Little Duck:

Cantic Prism:

Lega Prism:


Exard Scaffold:

Dissic Scaffold:

Propa Scaffold:

Suo Brace:

Certus Brace:

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  1. Sapmaic thanks for the effort for the video. Can you make video about the arcanes in Fortuna… I was especially interested for that Magus revert arcane. Is it good… Is it bad?

  2. x77 is actually viable in eidolons tho. Requires less Vs to 1 shot shields (assuming wisp shield crit), can destroy shield AND limb in 1 shot, and its low range is counteracted by a weird mechanic where the projectiles teleport instantly to the eidolon(unexplained but it happens). Also virtuos shadow is multiplicative not additive

  3. Is Virtus Shadow better than Virtuous Strike for eidolon hunts? I'm using a 3-2-7.

  4. For new players who don't have the quills rep yet, what amp would you recommend as a starter for Eidolons? 7/7/7?

  5. This channel can take care of my kids when if I die

  6. Anyone else having real problems doing dmg against eidolon when they are coming out of the water? im doing like a 10th of the expected dmg. I even recrafted my amp and still have this problem.

  7. I'm using the 4th Prism with the tier two Sach, and 7th Brace. So much fun for me all the way.

  8. Virtuos Shadow is multiplied not added. How did you end up with 87 % critical chance? 40 % * 1.6 = 64 % <— this is your critical chance with virtuos shadow

  9. Ty so which one is the best one?

  10. The new meta is x77+VS+wisp+magus melt+madurai charge, need to learn how to deploy volt shield's for every first Eidolon shield at new angles to cause the secondary amp shot barely go trough taking just the time travel to let you get in void mode again while it explodes the combo in contact with olt warframe leaving you intact and ready to make another shot if necessary, the rest of the shield caan be taken with the same combo looking and shooting through as roof as usual.

  11. Ty bro our problem solved

  12. what about using x77 for eidolons?

  13. hi

  14. So is it really worth it to craft a fortuna amp when I could just use my 223

  15. You sounded so enthusiastic for some reason,did the Fortuna amps make you that happy?

  16. I was literally trying to figure everything out with the Amps today! Thank you so much for uploading this video!

  17. Great job man

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