Fortuna and Warframe’s Largest Obstacle

Fortuna and Warframe’s Largest Obstacle

[ad_1] In this video I go over a realistic way DE could implement content that’s both challenging and rewarding to the playerbase.

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  1. Most endgame Tennos have a bank of Rivens and plats, they're basically freeloading in the game, playing without feeling the squeeze of monetization. To DE making content of this group of players is pointless. It is more profitable to crank out mid-game content for noobs and teen Tennos because its easier to victimize them with microtrans. That and the fact that end game content requires real gameplay testing and mechanics from a developer that specializes in Asian grind fests means that it'll never happen.

  2. fairly new player here. im certainly not on the same level as you but ive already surpassed pretty much non endless runs content. i dont have all the arcanes and mods yet which hurts for really optimizing. however i can push 2 hours in a elite alerts easy and with a pug can break a hour almost every time.

    i agree mechanical based skill or need of it is quite lacking. but i see no way of altering it as you stated from a enemy side. the AI just isnt here. i do like the idea of stacking penalties on the players much like a nightmare or sortie as handicapping the player is far more viable then a complete AI rework. i mean it would require altering some id say but im not sure how unworkable it would be from DEs side. for instance instead of a secondary only that you would find in a sortie try a no secondary. from that point on you would no longer have access to your secondary. Drahk Master can already disarm tenno removing a weapon. i dont think it would be to hard to alter the code into a position of just pulling a weapon from your load out on reward screens as if you had never equipped it.

    i like the riven idea as ive been saying that for awhile. however id also like a option to attack the problem from the reverse. something that would remove a single roll not going below 2 positives. i got plenty of rivens that wouldnt be god rolls but would be much better if i could just remove a single stat from them. count it as a reroll but keep everything minus the stat line which you no longer want.

    in terms of mod rewards i just dont agree wholeheartedly. i actually disagree by a pretty decent margin. the way they have went about rewards for "endgame" content baffles me to no end right now. acolytes, unvaultings, baro, all show that a circular revolving reward table opens up a lot of value. i mean a mod like primed fast hands is still selling for 75ish plat and its not usable on most guns. then look to ESO or elite alerts for the vandals with extremely low drop rates and elite alerts with its low drop rates on its mods and i believe you also see value. so when i look at the ways value is determined its not that i dont see mods as a good enough reward. quite the opposite. low drop rates or a rotating table really adds value and a good chase. much in the way you look at altering the difficulty with a rotating set of handicaps to avoid a stale meta, i think a rotating table with low drop rates adds a reason to keep doing it.

    just my thoughts though on a good video.

  3. This video brings up a lot of valid points, I'm a fairly new player only having started playing this game in March of last year and nowadays I don't see myself playing Warframe too much anymore other than to rank up some miscellaneous weapons and stuff on Hydron or whatever because I don't really feel motivated to do anything.
    Doing bounties in PoE gets old after a while and since I play on console I gotta wait for Fortuna a while before playing that, which apparently there isn't much there either.
    You're absolutely right that Warframe needs replayable content that is rewarding to repeatedly play.
    DE have to come up with something fast because like what Steve said in the Noclip documentary: this game will fail without frequent content that is worth playing.

  4. With close to 4000 hrs on the ps4 my biggest problem is warframe's diminishing returns.. if rng was a faucet it barely drips, they could afford to not be so stingy. So tired of grinding and not getting what i am grinding for

  5. Why doesn't warframe have actual Tenno to work and design certain parts of the game other than Tennogen?

  6. Make a post of it and post it on DE forums! This are some fantastic suggestions!

  7. You need to look at the game as a whole,it's not just a series of single missions.
    You are part of the story part of the lore.
    If you just want missions to test your ego then WF isn't the game for you.
    So if they made a mission that players find too hard they don't play make it too easy you don't play.
    The problem isn't with DE,it's with fickle players wanting content directed to an elite few rather than players as a whole.
    I agree with rewards,there should be tiered rewards for how long you spend in a mission.

  8. I only have 200 hrs in game but why wont they bring raids back? when my friend explained them to me they sounded very fun

  9. DE has a committed group of ~30k people constantly buying plat for endless crap like slots, rivens, prime access and cosmetics. They don't care if they lose new f2p players so long as they keep their cash cows happy paying $$ the lights will stay on and new updates will come out whenever the fuck DE Scott feels like it.

  10. Fortuna (like POE) was supposed to be replayable, neverending content with bounties. In reality it's a binge-fest of pointless weakly designed, shallow and REALLY boring forced missions in form of bounties. A week of doing it made me puke.

  11. DE should just hire you lol

  12. i think a great addidtion to the game would be sick cosmetic rewards for overcoming bigger challenges. i dont know how others feel about this, but i like the feeling in a videogame of achieving an item that i know only guys can have that have overcome the same obstacle as me and can show that item to others to encourage them to do the same. give people a chance to drop an awesome syandana and stuff after "n" C Rotations or something. Also scaling rewards for endless missions is a must for a future update.

  13. Often when I invite new people to play warframe, I warn them of how painfully slow the first week of the game is and how unfriendly the game is to new players

  14. I wonder if if you can implement something like modable rivens with a mythic+ like game mode from wow

    It may need some kind of decay that doesn’t feel extremely off putting. Something that’s kind of like how the artifact weapon trees were in the Legion expansion. Then again, an Azerite armor system may work better in Warframe because of the fact that modded equipment is already a thing

  15. You're right

  16. Fortuna's not really done though. This isn't the final version, they still need to let you start killing the big spider bosses and stuff. I do wonder if they have plans for some of these caves though.

  17. Decaying dual-stat arcanes which can’t be traded would do it for me. Each arcane would decay from R3 to nothing over three days (starting when you equip it) but more importantly it could stack with other arcanes. It might also influence which frame and weapons people choose instead of the same old faces being rolled out all the time.

  18. A whole video with that shitty backing track… Not pleasant.

  19. They need to make some gameplay or technical changes, additions. We have been getting mostli content lately, like new weapons, warframes or quests. But i think that what usually gets most people excited the most is some completely new concept. Like plains of eidolon was or Archwing. Too bad that devs usually make something like this and don't evolve it to its full potential. Archwing is still well what it is even though it could have been much more. Or fortuna, it's just another plains. Now if they tried to make new zone that would combine basicaly what warframes is but would make it open world like it was some mmorpg or something, that would be big with that technology. Or railjack is pretty exciting, too bad it will most probably be a gimmick, detached from the base game that won't be developed further. We need more mechanics that are in depth and improvement on what is already in the game. Make shooting matter more for different types of enemies, skilled based melee combat, intelligent AI. Better ways to use parkour system. Make the missions more complex and stuff like that.

  20. Ultimately, I think warframe is somewhat hampered by the simplicity involved in it's rpg mechanics. For example do you play nyx or vauban, then max that range to 250. So this creates a binary power equation. You either A have max range and are done powering up these two characters, or B you don't and need to continue hunting for the relevant mods. So if you ever wonder why veterans are so hungry for sustainable content it's because, despite the fact they likely have 10 distinct load outs, they have satisfied the conditions of each frames power equation. Now if you think I'm simplifying the power equation, you would be right, most builds require you max 1 additional stat. Again this is still a binary relationship, and a very simple one at that.

  21. also new players shouldn't be allowed to every piece of gameplay content….see those MMOs that lock off areas or events bc it's for high levels only, do that for crying out loud….new players have a big ass star chart and weapons and mods to craft, they even have cinematic missions to go on…they have their content…nibbas need to work like us to get to the big juicy stuff, to be able to even compete with the big juicy stuff

  22. PVP IS REPLAYABLE, they can't make pve replayable but pvp is always replayable especially if it's good….if they made a good pvp it would give them more time to work on pve stuff bc no one's heckling them bc they are in too much awe of pvp and trying to get better….it would give them more time to rework things a whole bunch of stuff

  23. Veterans of warframe just need to step away from the game, we had our fun, let the new players have theirs. Or start again and appreciate the new player experience.

  24. Warframe is a horde shooter so mechanical skills don't matter too much generally. Fewer enemies that are harder to take down is more interesting tho. Just check Sargas Ruk, he is an interesting boss as far as mechanics go. Eidolons were also a step in the good direction.

  25. Just give kuva instead of endo in the arbitrations. Done. We all sick to the stomach of doing kuva survival over and over again. Put kuva more than endo in arbitrations and those arbitrations will get full in a hurry.

  26. Solution, make more events for fortuna and plains

  27. A lot of the game really needs a rework, the rail progression needs to be reworked and updated with the fact that Cetus and Fortuna exists. I think they have huge potential for a ton more content for both old and new players

  28. Can you show us your Trinity colors and stuff from the start? imgur reply or something plz. ty.

  29. The problem with your riven idea us that for free to play players like me, rivens are my single largest scource of plat income. I have powerful rivens for sale players want them and if i put some time into them i can get often 300 or so plat out of them. That's 3 trades for a tennogen pack (since im on console so it costs plat). The ability to lock and boost your rolls would crash the market making rivs only dictated in price by weapon and not it's rolls which is where most of the value comes from

  30. I agree that many of us want repeatable content with meaningful progression, but I am unsure of relying solely on rivens for that is a good idea. There will only be a certain number of weapons a player likes enough to want to push them to their absolute limit. Maybe combining better/ upgradeable riven rewards with something else would be better? Expanded/ improved Focus system, maybe? Building on and improving existing systems would be easiest, but it could be anything I suppose.

  31. Add raids end of the story

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