Fortuna Calls For Aid! And Tenno WILL Answer! [Warframe Inspirational Shenanigans]

Fortuna Calls For Aid! And Tenno WILL Answer! [Warframe Inspirational Shenanigans]

[ad_1] We shall not abandon Fortuna like Space Mom has abandoned us.

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    Edit: idk, thought I'd make a loosely related reference to an older vid. Because like, y not

  2. I'm doing my part!

  3. Now I know, I am an enemy of the tenno.

    Come on Psycho, c'mere….hip to hip, tip to tip, the kids call this railjack docking.

  4. I read the Reddit posts, and the comments, and the red text in yesterday's hotfix, and I watched this video, and I have no idea what any of it is supposed to be. Am I really that uncool? Dammit.

  5. Such beauty must never be lost. #Remember69, brothers and sisters.

  6. This is a real community event everyone. Relay reconstruction? pffft, a joke compared to the legacy fortuna 69 will carry on.

  7. Fortuna 69… Garuda and Saryn giving as good as they take. Keep that log on. Ahoy!

  8. Keeping Fortuna 69 alive is the endgame.

  9. Oh captain my captain lead the way!

  10. That was one hell motivational speech…now I feel so high in the sky…..

  11. n i c e

  12. Nice.

  13. That's dirty…

    I like it 🙂

  14. That starship troopers reference….damn now I gotta login…

  15. I heard that independence day reference…

  16. I'm crying.

  17. What is this?!?!?

  18. A tear came to my eye. Truly beautiful.

  19. I'm a Guardian now, but i could go and lend a hand here and there.

  20. I fucking love this games community. Seriously you're all just amazing, aha. ^-^

  21. How much are you willing to bet the moderators will bitch about this too?

    "69 is offensive" — Telluric (Probably)

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