Fortuna Hunting — Guide & Review

Fortuna Hunting — Guide & Review

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  1. My primary complaint with hunting, even though it is overall very good, is how freaking impossible it is to see the tracks as a colorblind person. When the tracks go onto that darker fungus, they just straight up disappear for me.

  2. i've been hunting with ivara since launch and never even thought of using sleep arrow

  3. Does Venus have dog eggs

  4. Good news is finding shit is as easy as breathing in warframe

  5. I had no idea ivaras one could catch them. I've been using ivara for the invisibility, but I could only get 2/3 pobbers. That's life-changing

  6. Kavaton capture when?

  7. just quick tip. u can collect each pobber before the reward screen for the first on pops up so just walk by them while they are sleeping and hit x on each quickly instead of waiting between each. Usefully when you have a low duration build

  8. Is there still a reason to use Baza as Ivara?

  9. please give us a kubrodon skin for our doggos DE

  10. If you use your codex scanner and scan everything in the Vallis EXCEPT the call markers, you can spam the aim to ping the call markers.

  11. my method for dealing with the kubrodons is using reventent with max range and tralling them before they ever get to see/smell me, this particularly is good for the bolarolas to. oh and a small thing you dont need to be invisible right away, they dont spawn till after 5 or so seconds after you return the call, not to mention that ivaras invisibility does change sounds making it harder to tell which direction it comes from

  12. I actually prefer Equinox for hunting. Rest does the same as sleep arrow, and you can just kinda spam it in the animal's general direction and it will never miss.

  13. Even if the kubrodon is not down wind of me they get spooked as an invis Ivara. It feels like RNG to not spook them.

  14. When meta kitgun vids?

  15. Man I’ve been waiting on this! Thanks, no fillers straight to the meat

  16. include ivara for eidolons pls

  17. glad i randomly got the urge to farm her a few days ago

  18. Am I just insane or am I just not getting this? I keep firing my sleep arrow at the little rodents and… nothing. Nothing happens at all. Then my invis wears off and they scatter… JOY.

  19. Kitgun WWYU when?

  20. Can't you tell which way the wind is blowing from the falling snow though?

  21. This system is so good it needs to be implemented in PoE. The cetus grind is so tedious compared to fortuna.

  22. Can this done with equinox?

  23. Is this update on ps4 yet?

  24. now hoping that some of these animals become pet skins…

  25. i use ivara too but instead of so many range and duration mods i use speed mods so I can just sprint through each hunt, since most of the trails are similar especially if you do them enough

  26. No Brozime.

    We need a windsock, for sentinels. Seriously, all the same function but they could give us several options with the nicer ones just being cosmetic.

    I just want a cape for my Carrier.

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